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for Naruto: The Avengers

9/14 c5 Axagon99d
Stop making naruto a simp and a bitch
9/14 c4 Axagon99d
It's sad u hv been gone long
9/14 c3 Axagon99d
Thanks for the read when u coming bck
9/14 c2 Axagon99d
Bro when u coming back it's been long
9/14 c1 Axagon99d
Hey thanks for the chapter when are you coming back
9/13 c25 Guest
Are you going to drop this
9/12 c1 Guest
Please continue story
9/11 c97 Zach4160
Please continue with the great work looking forward to reading more
9/8 c97 klexxsnyg98
So far this naruto is a beta cuck who gets jealous at evry little thing Iike wtf you made naruto into a fucking pussy
9/3 c97 Guest
you should really continue this story
8/31 c69 3Damien Evermere
if its the same Kyle Reese he will need to be able to roll with the flow as Arnie will be trying to kill him in a few years
8/30 c39 Damien Evermere
Johnny Nlaze isnt in Agents of Shield its a different ghost Rider
8/28 c36 1Naruto30
Why doesn't he use the shinigan to resurrect Hinata? With the amount of chakra in him and being practically immortal he can live through the process easily.
8/25 c97 Guest
“Alexei is a tall man. He has tattoos over his body. He is intimidating.” Nope it did not improve. Why are 95% of the most popular fics utter garbage?
8/25 c2 Guest
Reads like a movie script. “This person came in. They were wearing this this and this. They grab the documents from under the table.” Let’s see if it improves.
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