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for Naruto: The Avengers

9/11 c97 Zach4160
Please continue with the great work looking forward to reading more
9/8 c97 klexxsnyg98
So far this naruto is a beta cuck who gets jealous at evry little thing Iike wtf you made naruto into a fucking pussy
9/3 c97 Guest
you should really continue this story
8/31 c69 3Damien Evermere
if its the same Kyle Reese he will need to be able to roll with the flow as Arnie will be trying to kill him in a few years
8/30 c39 Damien Evermere
Johnny Nlaze isnt in Agents of Shield its a different ghost Rider
8/28 c36 1Naruto30
Why doesn't he use the shinigan to resurrect Hinata? With the amount of chakra in him and being practically immortal he can live through the process easily.
8/25 c97 Guest
“Alexei is a tall man. He has tattoos over his body. He is intimidating.” Nope it did not improve. Why are 95% of the most popular fics utter garbage?
8/25 c2 Guest
Reads like a movie script. “This person came in. They were wearing this this and this. They grab the documents from under the table.” Let’s see if it improves.
8/22 c35 1Diametrik
Gomen, shitsureishimasu ga shinde kudasai
8/22 c1 Guest
Wow, really great work, read and listen to it both, it's awesome, it's really builds up the story as well, it's really great, just waiting for the next update and the entrance of hela from ragnarok and how you would take it from there(naruto x hela) is very rare as well. But all in all really great work, hope it will be updated soon
8/12 c14 Hisoka
8/6 c97 Guest
Nice work please continue
8/6 c47 darkdraco0021
From what the last chapter showed This isn't a harem. It's either a multi pairing or an orgy pairing. Harem are one person with the others ( example: guyxgirls , girlxguys etc. ) but guy x girls x girls isn't a harem. I was hoping this was a harem story as when done properly they are usually good. Unfortunately about 70% of the "harem" fanfics do the other pairing instead. Oh well. Your story your choice. I'll just skip over any relationship stuff and just focus on the fights and plot. That part is too stop reading.
8/6 c97 i.amdizzy2
Great story , only flaw is the chapters being to short…but ig Tht doesn’t matter once the stories complete.
8/4 c97 Whatif-inator
I don’t know where to begin with this story.

First, the pacing is really slow. Like you could summarize Phase 1 in at least 20 chapters. Although that could be because the chapters are shorter, but with the current pacing, It’ll take another 80 chapters just to finish Phase 2.

Second, I know you made Naruto even more OP and I myself have a guilty pleasure of reading OP Naruto fanfics but there must come a time where Naruto is actually challenged. Naruto without the upgrades you gave him is still powerful enough to overpower most of the MCU where the only ones capable of matching him are Thor, Scarlet Witch(if you watch Multiverse of Madness, she’s more than enough to defeat anyone in the Narutoverse) Captain Marvel(she might be capable of beating a teen Sage of Six Paths Mode Naruto but would still lose to an Adult Prime Naruto), Ikaris(same with Captain Marvel), and Thanos. The point is Naruto needs to struggle so that fights will be interesting. I get that the future fights will make him struggle but with the story’s pacing, it will just be an OP Naruto defeating everyone with no effort. We have to wait until this story gets to the juicy parts before Naruto actually struggles in his fights. I don’t mind Naruto having OP moments but it also needs to be balanced with struggle to engage the readers.

Third, Like one comment says, all good stories are ruined by Harems. Harems for the most part are terribly done and are mostly done to satisfy one’s own sexual desire. Harems also make characters act extremely out of character. I get the story has potential but for me, Harems just ruined it.
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