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for Naruto: The Avengers

9/20 c27 Axagon99d
Story allowing Natasha to always bully naruto its funny d first time not every time imagine playing a game and ur babe offs the game or break the TV join MGTOW
9/20 c26 Axagon99d
Pls don't tell me u a feminist and ruin the story nd make naruto a bitch every time the do it
9/20 c1 SirMell.TV
Bro this fucking story you have to finish asap I'm in this with this shit
9/20 c1 TeraelinII
I think this is going to be around my 17th or 18th time reading this
9/19 c21 Axagon99d
Should I review or not
9/19 c20 Axagon99d
So many pple like dis story so do i
9/17 c97 2Cyber dragonarmy
Love the story
9/16 c53 Guest
I kind of want naruto to make a massive fuck off tree to live in when he gets his own place kind of like the cherry blossom trees with the whole calming effect i just think that it would be unique and very much naruto to have a tree the size of a mountain just pop up somewhere just to screw with shield or whoever and he can make it private by buying an island and having it there
9/16 c46 Trevion1 Brownlee
I hope you get better
9/16 c5 Isharioth666
The thing with the seals screams meh kinda :/ Its a foreboding to massive nerfs in a way :D

The loaded part is rather questionable. The rewards for S-rank missions seem rather low.
The S-rank are top of the top in most cases and for a mission with a possibility of failure and death which usually takes a lot of time thats rather low for the top %.
Especially since you would have to split it if there is a Team as usual.
9/15 c12 Trevion1 Brownlee
This is one of the best series I’ve read to date Keep up the good work
9/14 c13 Axagon99d
Thanks for the chapter
9/14 c12 Axagon99d
Rip to the Goat and his Family thanks for showing luv
9/14 c11 Axagon99d
Thanks again for the chapter
9/14 c10 Axagon99d
Let The first avengers b more epic 2
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