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for Naruto: The Avengers

7/15 c1 Alex54
to be continued?)I really look forward to continuing.I go every week (before the day) to find out if there was a continuation
7/14 c97 BigTurner
Please continue the story love this so far
7/13 c97 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
7/12 c97 Guest
More pls
7/10 c97 Guest
please update this is a great story
7/9 c26 Silverwingzz
Story pisses me off.
7/9 c37 Silverwingzz
Lemons are stupid and shouldn’t be added cause they honestly ruin the story and are only really there for people who like reading porn.
7/9 c34 Silverwingzz
I wish I was here when this chapter and others was being made so I could tell you to stop making stuff up.
7/9 c33 Silverwingzz
What was the point in melting vibranium, the only metal as strong as it on earth is adimantium. There are also Urdu and nth metal which are way stronger but aren’t on earth at all. Don’t get why you had him do that.
7/6 c97 Iker
Hey man, I really love this story. I have read it for so many times and actually is the best cross-over I have ever read of the UCM and Naruto. Is this story still active, or you left it? I mean you are not updating the content for nearly half a year. Please if you read this message update the story again minimum I need a end for this piece of art, I know you have life apart of writing but you could update it like weekly or monthly.
7/6 c46 Zasgor
Hey man, I love this story I have been reading and re-reading this story for several months but you are not updating for nearly half a year, I mean, this story is still active? Please update again periodically like you did it at the past, this is a piece of art is one of the best cross-overs I have ever read of the UCM and Naruto.
7/2 c62 xnzqwmaxdsra
Ngl the way Erik Killmonger doesn't hesitate to protect naruto clone(or atleast prevent cap from being stomp by naruto for doing something reckless) kinda nice after he kinda changes his world view tho.

Kinda interested to see more to be honest. With Naruto here, we can see many character fates/timelines changes which will be more interesting to explore

For example
Tony and Pepper got married and have Morgan earlier which change Tony view and perspective better
Yinsen alive
Possible frank to be punisher
Wakanda have two black panther(or leopard)
Hydra possibly got more desperate as naruto continue pressure them
Ancient one lives
We have Two captain
Tony possible create advance suit earlier than canon based on naruto suit
Avengers got more members compare to original ones

So much possibilities can be explore from each character POV with naruto mix with them.

Although I think you should buff villain more as with how heros character and power-up going, they will have no trouble to solo villain. And that's excluding naruto as we never see yet naruto to atleast using half of his power.

Anyway hope to see more.
6/27 c97 Guest
Updateeee poooo maawa ka samin ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
6/26 c97 joca12
Update? Soon?
6/25 c94 Guest
Great storyline looking forward to next chapters
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