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9/15 c2 19Tenchi Knight
Oh my good sweet cheese and crackers. Seriously. This is like Transformers meets Harry Potter meets robot chicken. It's a train wreck. But Merlin's beard I can't look away!
9/11 c11 KEZZ 1
Wonderful story so far Thankyou
I am looking forward to reading more soon please
9/9 c11 NixieNora23
Ahhhhhh! I love this story so fraggin' much! I can't wait to see how this story goes, and I hope the author has plans to write further than the first movie. I love how you keep to the script but deviate enough to make it feel original. And I can't wait until Lennox and Epps arrive they are my FAVOURITE army guys for sure!

Love how protective the mechs are! Love how praxians have been described with such raw instincts! I JUST LOVE THIS FIC! Can't wait for the next chapter, can't wait for the chapter after that and the next one after keep up the good great AMAZING work!
9/6 c11 Lilou Z
Je suis amoureuse de cette histoire continuer comme sa !
9/5 c11 2Lelleg
Looove this story hope you update soon!
9/4 c11 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Ya know, Kuroyukihime from Accel World has a nice robotic avatar...Just saying :D (Me binge reading your stuff again...and again...I am so promoting this on reddit-)
9/2 c11 Horus369
This was a really good chapter. Please update this story soon.
9/3 c11 3Alepxa Gomez
Hey Chrono, this chapter was as spectacular as the others! We finally got to one of the most anticipated parts of the movie, the guys in sector 7. I especially loved the Sam and Optimus scene, I get really excited because I feel like they really shared an intimate moment. Also, it was great how Bee and Prowl reacted to Sam's capture, it seemed like a romantic movie, very realistic and special.

On the other hand, I am glad that Sun realizes his feelings, like the others it is a great step for their relationship with her, I feel that they are growing so fast XD. I can't wait to see the meeting between Megatron and her, I can't imagine how you will portray it but I know it will be great. Do not worry about the delay, if with that you create chapters of such excellent quality your true fans will wait for you, you do a great job!

Thank you very much for updating, I look forward to reading the next chapter, update as soon as you can... Kisses
9/2 c11 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
You goddamn slyyyyy, Prime. You goddamn sly. Sad, Simmons was kind of funny. Would surprise me if he survived. I will look your new story up, hope I will get hooked too, your stuff is ama~zing!

Now we come to my dark side. I would really love to see Sam short of being burned and then rescued. Godness. I am such a sadist. Hahahahahhahahaha
9/1 c11 1Hestia Prime
can't wait for the next chapter...keep up!
9/1 c11 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and it is interesting to see the gifts she got them and I am very interested in seeing how she reacts to the cube and her reaction to bumblebee’s spike was funny and I love what was done with the house
9/1 c11 4G-AME5
I love every chapter of this story
9/1 c11 PreCureScarletFlame
Ok, seriously, this story gets better and better every time you update this! Can't wait for the badass Lord Megatron to show up!
8/12 c3 MadamKhaos
Absolutely hilarious how they're fighting over Samantha and she has no clue. When she started washing the car previously as Prowl watched it felt perverted. Like she was performing sexual acts in public. x,x
7/31 c10 5Trionix Prime
Hope you update soon, cause I so want to see what will happen between Samantha and the Bots and cons
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