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6/13 c9 1psychotic-olaf
Oh my god, you cannot just do that to me! I need the next chapter now. That is both the best and worst cliffhanger I've ever seen (so far). Your book is amazing and I can't wait for you to update.
6/9 c3 Guest
Por favor actualiza
5/25 c9 Guest
Pleeeeese update!
5/18 c9 PreCureScarletFlame
I wonder if they plan to turn Samantha into a cybertronian..
5/18 c9 15CieloDistante
Hi! How are you? I haven't been here for a long time. It was a wonderful surprise to find that you already uploaded several chapters of this great story.

I really did not envy Sam, her men have the advantage of investigating everything related to humans, body changes and physical reactions to sexual attraction, but she cannot do the same with them (not without getting into a super shameful topic XD). It would be a matter of time for them to discover that what is happening to her physically, if they discover her, is related to a sexual attraction towards them XD. I love the relationship between Sam and Mikaela, it is a friendship that is forming at their own pace, although I am concerned about what might happen if other wizards discover that Mikaela knows their secret even though she is a Muggle. Between Sam being punished for revealing the secret, and not doing anything about it, or erasing Mikaela's memories, I don't know which would be sadder for their friendship (the scene in which Jacob Kowalski, from Fantastic Beast, decided to take the decision to erase his own memories related to all things magical to avoid trouble for his magical friends. Heartwarming and sad). I'll see what happens to the two of them, Sam and Mik.

It was funny how Ron already knew about everything, even a lot more than Sam herself. I hope he did not tell his wife anything or our protagonists will not finish listening to the long talk about robotic grandchildren XD. So cute hot rod!

One thing I should mention, and I didn't like, was the fact that the Autobots envision Sam a lot as one of them, and that's fine on the one hand because it's their way of imagining what it would be like if she were from his own species, how it would work and that things would be much easier, but it does not seem very fair that only Sam has accepted that she like her boys just as they are, choosing them even over their human form, but that they imagine so much to Sam as one of them. Perhaps Sam imagines it is fine, since she must feel bad and insecure not being able to be with them because she is human, for all reasonable reasons. But there is something that I learned from watching so many BL series (my latest and new fascination) and that is that it does not matter what body one is in but the love that one feels for themselves and others. That love comes with its difficulties regardless of whether the couple is physically compatible, that difficulties are tests that strengthen the relationship if they are overcome together. That's what makes it interesting, seeing two different beings, with so many differences between them, coming together and passing their tests to be able to be together... And this is not only related to the romantic, but also to friendship and family. It is the reason why we can love beings like our pets as family or friends, or people who may come from other countries or have other religions, that's where mutual understanding comes from. The important thing is to know how to love as everyone really is, and that they love you the same, and that problems or disagreements can be fixed together. If Sam only wanted to change to try something new, it would be fine, how to be able to be with the real forms of his men, even if it is temporary, but that his men fantasize about her being different... I do not like the idea very much.

Sorry for the long talk, it's something I thought when I read the chapter and couldn't resist mentioning it. Maybe I'm just rushing and letting myself be carried away by my own impression, since we need to read more to be able to see where this story takes us, which, I repeat, is a good one. :)

Let's continue improving, I also have a lot to learn ;)
5/17 c9 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
UwU, dopple update?~ Why, Thank you Huhuhu, History Lesson. Nice world building. Hahahha I cant stop laughing. Real nice world building here, bravo! Yessssssss, LOVE CONQUERS EVERYTHING Yes Imaging...hahahhaa Oh god, yes, Optimus in full possessive mode. Urgh I dont like seers anymore. Its just a possibility, not the only way. Nhehehehe *perverted laugh*
I cant stop giggling I CANT-
Please goddess tell me they can still hear her- Awww, I love over protecting~ Muhahaha Oh sam, your so lucky!
Hahahaha, Tya, Shit happens when your not careful hahahah.
Just say it man, first step is being honest. Twinsss. TWINSSSS.

Holy yes, get the cube fragging fasssst.

Poor Ron. I cannot express how much I am laughing hard right now. Did they wipe her memories?
5/17 c9 3Alepxa Gomez
Hello again Chrono, I have no words to describe this chapter. It was amazing how you moved their relationship forward, Sam's interaction with the Autobots was really exciting, I loved it. I also liked seeing a bit of Sam's past with his family, his grandfather was great (he reminded me of Luna). I can't believe she met some Autobots before the others arrived.

I have some questions like: Hot and Cog were created with the Allspark? Why doesn't Sam remember any of that? How problematic will female robots be in Sam's relationship with the Autobots? And Ron knows it all, that was definitely one of the funniest parts. Please, I beg you, update as soon as you can… Kisses
5/17 c9 TomRiddlesTwin
Fantastic chapter!
5/17 c9 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next and it is really interesting to see that her family does know more about the autobots than expected I am really looking forwards to how that will turn out and it is awesome they are showing more signs that they are interested in her
5/17 c9 Chiiee
It's getting more more excited... I can't wait... OHH NOO
5/16 c8 3vasiadiadein
5/14 c8 PreCureScarletFlame
, Yay! New chapter, and finally Megatron appears! I wonder if who goes yandere on Samantha?
5/14 c8 LittleCrybaby13
oh my go prowl. lol hes so embarrassed its cute
5/13 c8 Guest
Loved the chapter, it’s always fun when their a little “spicy”!
5/13 c8 3Alepxa Gomez
Hello again, this chapter was a masterpiece. We were able to get the first real showdown for Sam, I had a feeling it would be Side and Jazz, although Optimus getting involved also spiced up the matter. It makes me wonder who will be the first to hang out with Sam. I loved the scenes with Prowl, it was amazing that he had an orgasm when she stroked her wings XD. Optimus fetish was without a doubt one of the funniest parts. How nice it was to see Shockwave reacting like that for her even later, but I also can't believe you made Sam have children with them, you were a genius with that part of the plot.

So Megatron is taking an interest in Sam huh? I can't wait to see when he breaks free. Poor Ironhide has been put aside, although it seems that he will not allow it. As always, you impressed me with the content of the chapter, please update as quickly as you can... Kisses
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