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2/19 c6 1rebeccaharris
I love this story and I can’t wait for more keep up the good work
2/14 c6 Gamer-Kat24
Oh My God, I absolutely love this book! I am so excited for future chapters if you are still updating!
2/9 c6 PreCureScarletFlame
More updates please~!()
2/9 c6 WindyReads
i am delighted.
2/3 c2 WindyReads
oh frickin hell ChronoQuantify, love your stories, so, frickin much! I can't get enough, even if you discontinued, I would still continue to read even though it would be torture! everyday I check if you have updated, and each time you do, I am ready to explode in happiness. how are you so good at this? no, don't answer that, must be a truly powerful thing. such perfection in writing, especially in a fanfic, is rare and I am EATING it up like it was my first full meal in several years!
1/31 c6 Melody13522
Update soon please
1/21 c2 WindyReads
oh fuck, this story just gets better the more I read it... so talented, such a wonderful writer. love it. please don't leave us hanging, hope you get the energy to update! but do take some time to yourself, I just love your story, so little grammatical errors... this story drives me wild... love it. absolutely beautiful, awe-inspiring, gorgeous, i do not have enough words to describe how beautiful this story is...
1/18 c6 e10620
mooooooooooooooooooore nooooooooooooooooooooooooooow plzzzzzzz
1/16 c1 WindyReads
I have a question, does sunstreaker actually hate Sam or something? Why is he so angry at her? Also, love your story, thanks for keeping up the good work for so long! Actaully, scratch that, I love all your books!
1/9 c6 Guest
Hope you update soon! Hope sunny stopp with his disrespectful attitude towards her!
1/8 c6 lolz
honestly I would love megatron to be a pairing! can you imagine how disappointed Samantha would be when he throws the autobots failures and hypocrisy at them? because honestly I think she would be very sympathetic towards megatron due to her blood status. and the fact they almost Killed there planet just so the enemy wouldn't win? oh boy so much drama :)
1/7 c6 1Yukatana
I love the DCon perspective and can't wait for the MiniCons to be seen again.
1/7 c6 gemava
Oh no the arguments of who is the best guardian has already semi begun.. soon it will be all out brawls and peacock posturing..

Actually could you imagine if autobots were more like peacocks? Spreading out their armour and making them sparkle or glow? Mwhahaha just thinking of optimus sprouting tail feathers and strutting haha

This is a great in between chapter I love that sector seven hasn’t caught up to them all yet.. but I suddenly remember Simmons and wonder if he is also a magic conspiracy theorist too? Hmmm he might be in nerd heaven if he ever finds out that sam is a witch!
1/6 c6 TomRiddlesTwin
Great update!
1/6 c6 e10620
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