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10/9/2020 c1 harder da kick
And now for a musical interlude:

# It's that time of year
Now that reviews are in the air
When that total git with his girly blonde hair
Is in another fic for moronic dramione fans
That nauseate-ate-ates
In a million different ways
From the Slytherin Common Room
To the Prefect's Bath room
No matter where you hide
You just can't escape this crap!

Hold a shitty plot up in the air
With a romantic bit that no one bloody cares
Get your common sense wiped
And then bury all your scorn
Paint your glasses pink
Then extract your wisdom mate
Post a gushing review
And pretend your name is Snape!

Might as well skin yourself alive
Learn to speak Parselmouth
Climb inside a padded cell
And behead the fecking writer
Eat a Chocolate Frog
Wear radishes on your ears
Casserole Nev's Gran
Disembowel yourself with sneers!

The Great Hall is vibrating
This story's shit and grating
Its truly nauseating!
Let's hope it gets deleted
And never see it ever again!

Now you've read it once
Your brain will spring a leak
And though you hate this fic
You'll be quoting it for weeks!
* **** *
9/16/2020 c1 AleAwesome23
Love it!
8/16/2020 c1 Sizzlingdracofan
Omg, that was a fun read! I love how you portrayed all the characters. Very well done!
7/30/2020 c1 judyy143
Steamy! I loved all the terms of endearment they had for eachother. You don’t find that often in dtamiones. Nice work!
7/10/2020 c1 kiss this malfoy
7/3/2020 c1 SmileSimplify
This was hot *fans self* with a side of hilarious (poor Harry!). Thanks much for sharing it with us! :D

If you are open to the idea, would you please consider 6 more one-shots, each featuring a different member of the “enlightened seven”? :)
7/2/2020 c1 Qween87
Bahaha poor Harry! That was great!
7/1/2020 c1 sproy01
hahahaha I loved Harry talking to Draco in the shower! This story was wonderfully short and sweet :)

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