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for My Brother's Keeper: A Clone Wars Novella

1/25 c23 4Moonpetal1
Great job on this story. I wasn’t really a fan of the Riff and Ahsoka, but everything else was great.
12/21/2020 c23 7KarajeJinsta
Anakin calling for backup before the mission even started, and Obi-Wan breaking up the kiss before it even happened was the absolute best thing I have read today XD
And yay! They’re heading back now! (And don’t you dare forget Riff, okay Ahsoka? Because despite the fact that I said he annoyed me at first, I really like him now :D)
Amazing job!
12/9/2020 c22 KarajeJinsta
Kickstart died!
*cries* That’s so unfair, what did he do to deserve death? NOTHING!
But I suppose that’s life. Sometimes bad things happen when it seems like everything finally going well...
And gah I’m excited again! I’m ready for what happens next, though I’m assuming they’re just going to go back safely, unless of course... (SIDE EFFECTS.)
But if not, I’ll be okay with that too :D
Also, I cannot wait for the Rex-centric story!
12/4/2020 c21 KarajeJinsta
YES! Anakin is okay! Stop the self-blame game everybody!
And dang, I STILL gotta wait for this story like normal people, but I’m okay with that, because it means I have things to look forward to!
Amazing job :D I especially loved the part where Anakin was reminding Obi-Wan that he was, “On the Council” It made me laugh a bit XD
11/21/2020 c20 KarajeJinsta
So maybe it WON’T be all better! Something’s going to HAPPEN and it’s all going to defend into MORE chaos!
And this time, I’ll have to wait like a normal person. DARN!
Thanks again for writing this :D I love all the stuff you write, and wanted to take the time to thank you :D
God bless you! And stay safe :D
11/21/2020 c19 KarajeJinsta
Awwww, they got the antidote, and I love Riff and his dad :D Everything’s going to be okay again!
Hopefully :D
11/21/2020 c18 KarajeJinsta
Oooooh maaaaan! It’s so intense! It’s AMAZING!
Gosh I love this story :D And It seems like everything will turn out okay?
I also love that grandma thinks all the clones are the same person :D
11/21/2020 c17 KarajeJinsta
GAHHHHHH Okay that’s it- I NEED to know what happens next!
(Thank goodness I don’t have to wait for new chapters like a normal person :D)
Your book is SO realistic and AMAZING! I would totally buy a copy of it if people could publish fanfiction :D
You’re amazing!
11/21/2020 c16 KarajeJinsta
Oh my GOSH I NEED to know the story of Tennith or whatever his name is spelled! It’s KILLING ME!
And so is the amazing suspense, so I’m just going to read the next chapter thank you very much :D
11/21/2020 c15 KarajeJinsta
So now they have nothing to do but try to get past the blockade. AND everyone is super miserable!
Poor babies :(
11/21/2020 c14 KarajeJinsta
Awww, I like Riff now :D
And yay! Obi-Wan made it! So now they can use the antidote to (hopefully) save Anakin!
Except for there will probably end up being droids or some other dangerous stuff :D
11/21/2020 c13 KarajeJinsta
OH MAN! Tell those dumb people to BACK OFF and just let them try to heal Anakin! HE NEEDS THE ANTIDOTE!
And what happened to Obi-Wan!? WILL HE BE OKAY? WILL HE GET BACK IN TIME?
I’m so pumped with adrenaline :D
11/21/2020 c12 KarajeJinsta
And I suppose Ahsoka didn’t run. Obi Wan did. And of COURSE there wasn’t any medicine there!
Hope Obi-Wan is safe! And I want to know the Tenneth story.
11/21/2020 c11 KarajeJinsta
Ooooh, Ahsoka’s going to RUN all the way!
And of course everything bad that could possibly happen, happens :D
And that guy should stop hovering around, he’s a bit annoying XD
11/21/2020 c10 KarajeJinsta
Aw man. Only ONE DOCTOR!
And that lady is funny :D I feel like she (might) be just messing with Obi-Wan, though if she makes cookies, that’s a plus!
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