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7/7 c1 shirley waldrip
Delightful piece, You captured it all and I love the the exchange between Doc and Matt. What a talent you have for bringing Gunsmoke to life. I look forward to a lot more soon. Share your ideas with us please. Some of us old smokies live for stories about Dodge. Many of us are locked down at home by will meaning families. They want to protect us but it sure is getting old. Thanks again for story and don't be a stranger.
7/2 c1 LovingmesomeMK
Yeah! Was waiting on a sweet story to come our way. This seems to have promise, please continue.
7/2 c1 57lostcowgirl
What a sweet ATC. I can just picture that threesome acting just that way.
7/1 c1 MaryRoseEllen
Cute, funny, sweet and playful, that was a good read, would love to see a longer story from you.
7/1 c1 44Emmint
A beautiful addition to Kitty Shot but I thought Matt was going to tell Kitty about the reward I would have loved hearing her reaction to that.
7/1 c1 53Shellecah
Enjoy your ATCs-lighthearted yet true to Doc, Matt and Kitty. You capture the voices and spirit of the banter prevalent in their friendship. I like how you show Matt's brighter side. Well-written. Clean entertaining style.
7/1 c1 32ladybrit
Sweet ATC - loved it.
7/1 c1 highplainslady
Very cute story. Enjoyed it. Nice to see Matt in a light mood. He didn't have those breaks very often.

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