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for Nalu Week 2020

7/10/2020 c7 6Bugseey
Whaat that's done? I want mooore. Anyway, I really like all of your stories for this year's NaLu week. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to write something really nice! Really really do appreciate it
7/10/2020 c4 Copperreign12
I loved this story super sweet! From a Canadian as well! Loved this story made me smile! Love it!
7/10/2020 c7 26xSteleAliniax
Mard Geer: Parasite Reporter. Why does that fit so perfectly haha.
Okay, this whole scene is GENIUS. So fun and light and humorous. I can’t stop, wait for it, SMILING.
Nalu week was SO GREAT DUDE! Loved every single one. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite! I think either... Voice or Note, but I also loved this one, and the sexy lemon one TOO MANY GOOD ONES TO CHOOSE!
7/10/2020 c6 xSteleAliniax
Really interesting that Natsu and Zeref share a blood bond in this story. I’ve never thought of doing that before but that was really clever.
Don’t beat yourself up over this chapter, my old friend. It was really fascinating and different and I was hooked the whole time, excited to see what would happen! The only complain is have is that I wanted it to never ever end! Maybe hold onto this one and one day when you’re bored and miss Nalu, you could do a shelf story or something! I’d really like to delve more into this world. Very interesting. I’m proud of how much you’ve accomplished this week. Very well-written stories.
7/9/2020 c7 JAKEDSNAKE
DAMN YOU MORRIGAN. AGAIN. How could you do this to you fa...nvr mind. (Hehehe almost slipped it)
Dont you think you overdid Natsu's popularity just a teeny tiny bit? At this point you sound like a bigger fangirl than Lucy! (Honestly i think you might take that as a compliment) I was rofl when i read Lucy's description of Mard Geer! "snarmy little parasite" It fits perfectly. Cana is such a pushover once alcohol is mentioned lmao. Black steel bar was very Gajeel ofc. You sure Lucy would be fine with you spilling her 14yr old memories like that? Lmfao. And what was that bit about a screenshot of his ass? The dumb blonde act works everytime. Glad to see Gajeel and Levy together as well! And we all know Gajeel is a big softy now. All that black steel and inside is melted when it comes to FT. Ofc he wont ever admit it tho.
I didnt even figure out what Natsu was saying until he said "very recently". It was that smooth of him. And my boy checking for wedding ring first. Is only right. All in all this was an amazing Nalu week thanks to you and its gonna be tough to select a favourite one...each one has specific details that i like so i might have to think on it before i choose a favourite. You did a fantastic job though and i hope we get some RBR action sometime soon!
7/9/2020 c6 JAKEDSNAKE
IM SORRY FOR THE LATE REVIEWS! Life happened. Anyway lets get to it! Why on earth would you write something like this? Cause im pretty sure you wont continue it. Will you? Damn you Morrigan...writing such intriguing materials and then leaving us with one chapter! I have so many questions, i can see endless possibilities...the mythical creatures were all on point. Glad to see that they have powers in this one, and also really Lucy? Thats what you think of Natsu? The one person in the world who isnt afraid to fight anyone (and yes i said anyone and i stand by that) if its for Fairy tail. Shame. On. You. What? This is just a fictional writing of a fictional story? Nope. Doesnt matter. You cant think like that period. Hehehe im just kidding. But this was super awesome tho. What is it about Natsu's powers that Zeref wants so badly? Ugh i wannna knowwwwww. Grateful for the bit of flirting at the, the mood was quite serious. But considering the chain of events it had to be. And you nailed it. Okay let me save some compliments for chapter 7!
7/9/2020 c7 Slash2104
That's one way to wrap up nalu week, spontaneous ideas strung together to produce a work of art. It's nice to see natsu with a cool and collected character who isn't always looking for trouble lol.

Sounds like it could be a good story, this totally is, but I'm talking about if you continued it?

Nevertheless, this was great stuff! No wonder why I keep coming back for more, your work is awesome!
7/9/2020 c6 Slash2104
Certainly a refreshing wave of a story. This one was different; in a good way. I get a sort of attack on titan vibe and I really liked that. Would be interesting to see where this chapter ends really, its so different yet so intriguing!

Liked this one a lot too!
Keep up the great work
7/9/2020 c5 Slash2104
Wow! What a masterpiece this is! That text exchange at the top where they all left the group at the same time had me laughing my ass off! Lmfao so savage!

The descriptions of events here are so vivid and clear, so easy to visualise lol. The tension was there, the spark was there, the intense chemistry too, I can't even find a proper flaw in it!

Lucy lived the good life here lmao

Really enjoyed this one so much! Should do more in the future
7/9/2020 c4 Slash2104
I'll take the extra drink, I'm a gentleman like that lol, I love that line about natsu . I really like how both natsu and lucy actually involved in some form of education, gives it a nice feel.

This was a really nice flipside to the previous story, showing how absence makes the heart grow fonder.

All round an awesome story, enjoyed this as much as the last
7/9/2020 c3 Slash2104
Well see now, this is awesome! Smooth build, suspense and tension, natsu's nonchalance and witty self and Lucy's repressive yet impressive side to natsu being 'everything she wanted ' all blended so nicely!

Juvia and Gray loud! Lmao doesn't get much better than this

Really enjoyed this one!
7/9/2020 c5 xSteleAliniax
“Quarentini’s” lmao!
You know, I was literally just considering doing a COVID style FF just the other day and then here we are! Don’t think it would be as great as this though. And who doesn’t want to hole up in a giant ESTATE during a quarantine? I’d totally go for it.
“Carpe diem. Seize the day. You only live once. You’re a ho on the down low. So YOLO your ho-lo” lmaooo Cana.
Damn girl, didn’t know you could write lemon like that. Puts my stuff to shame. Very sexy indeed. Wish I was locked up with Natsu during quarantine haha.
7/8/2020 c7 stranger1999
i really loved this. Lucy being a fangirl was just adorable and hilarious!The way she handled the paparazzi was absolutely brilliant!i definitely don't blame Natsu for being starstruck with her.
I really can't choose between any of the prompts you wrote. All of them were just so good.
7/8/2020 c7 20ShanaHollows
First of all, no shame in kissing posters at 15...or dif. Black Steel is an awesome name for a bar. Lucy is quite the actress! Serves Mard right for being a jerk. Probably won't hurt his pocketbook any to buy a round for everyone anyway. The flirting at the end is ultra cute..viiibbes.

You have done an amazing job this week, MorriganFae. I have to pick a favourite chapter though? That's a hard one. I really loved Flirt and Quirk for their humour, but Voice and Charm were captivating because of the full story potential. I cannot pick. They were all fantastic and you should be very, very proud. THANK YOU for working so hard in the past few weeks!

(Also, I would totally carry around pics of Natsu's naked ass if I were brainer)
7/8/2020 c7 5wordsaremyspells1331
I... I can't decide which one I like best...
Maybe Voice? Maybe Flirt... I like them all!
This one is fantastic too! Lucy's fangirly-ness is adorable and she uses it to the best advantage. Natsu is all for it! Gajeel owning a bar and totally being chill with her hiding a celebrity in his kitchen? Gold. I love the soft side of Gajeel.
Lovely work this week, darling. I'm so proud of you.
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