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10/20 c33 Franxine bobo
So when are you going to give us more of lady knight and I know you have more knight ideas rolling around in that noggin of yours so get a little bit more of lady knight and more lord Walter.
9/22 c33 66ScorplinginTraining
Well, they've got Ralph all sorted now. Gosh, it had to be hard for him to hear about what happened to his father. *shudder* But it's nice to see the Ralph and Walter bonding time.

And even Paladin Paige has her insecurities, I see. It's nice to have Ray and Allie join the fun now and it cracked me up how everyone was giving Ray a hard time. LOL I sure miss that guy!

Thanks for keeping the fandom rolling with all your fabulous contributions!
9/21 c33 ScorpFan
Great to have some insight to the Allie - Walter back story - hoping for more Allie in the next episodes too.
9/21 c33 franxine bobo
yes he is way past paladin requirements but he is still very good at what he does but then i love walter in the past,present, and future now all we need is a modern kick toby story
9/21 c33 Susan
Thanks! I wasn’t sure if he was too ‘experienced’ to be a Paladin. Good chapter. I guess some of Walters past may catch up with him. But it should be interesting with Ray!
9/21 c33 3Lucy Conan
Nicea backstory chapter! I like learning about their backstories and how they became who they are in your AUs! Please some more on the others as well. Perhaps Cabe or Sly, no matter if in this one or Knightor both?
9/16 c30 heleenscorpion
happy Anniversary ...and what a great chapter. Love the relationship between Walter and Ralph
9/16 c32 Carol Ballinger Searls
Glad to read of the return of Ray ! He sounds full of mischief. Thanks for another great chapter and a belated Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you !
9/16 c32 Margaret Gautier
A revalion for Ralph yo digest, as it is very hard soul stealing from 1 body, to the next. Today's story brings Ray, looking for Walter, and seems fascinated with Cabe gold watch, and here comes Allie, 1st lieutenant of Lancaster military, meeting Cabe and seems very interested in Cabe, and Cabe very smitten with her. I hope Ralph is not to frightened by the knowledge of what his grandfather did to his father. We will see how this adventure plays out.
9/16 c32 Lucy Conan
beautiful chapterI like the new additions and their roles. Poor Ralph and the news he got
9/16 c32 franxine bobo
hey i dont know if i have a twitter page so how else will i be able to hashtag #savescorpion and what makes us think that katherine foster would play paige when she is married to a jealous old man who would think elyes is just too damn handsome so another paige would be chosen
9/16 c31 66ScorplinginTraining
I love what a good father Walter is to Ralph in this story. Poor little guy. Afraid his parents didn't want him and were going to leave him behind!

But it's all good now! Thanks for that!
9/13 c31 Franxine bobo
Well dear Tim let's make you laugh if I kissed and had sex as much as paige and Walter my lips would crack off and my kitty would start looking like a old boot they go at it like rabbits her shit should be hanging to the floor and his should be swollen and unable to put up Haha
9/13 c31 Margaret Gautier
I enjoyed this chapter, of Lady Knight, and the close bonding of this new family. Walter is very sensitive of Ralph's fears, and takes time to give TLC, to reassure Ralph. Now Paige and Walter have to gently tell Ralph about his evil grandfather, and what he has done to Ralph's father.
You have given your fans so many stories of Scorpion, keeping the characters interesting and with
exciting adventures, in different time eras. I am amazed how you keep your chapters of each adventure in the proper story that you are writing about, as you have so many stories going at the same time. Thank you for your stories, that keep Scorpion alive.
9/12 c31 franxine bobo
you know you are in trouble giving us that teaser you just have to make us wait for the revealing of the truth behind drews death. Oh no you just had to give us next to nothing thanks but it was intertaining so i wont stick my tim doll.
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