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7/15 c7 Palacegirl
Oh no poor bilbo, oh god I hope he finds a way to escape from that monster some how. I hope the dwarfs will find out that their burglar is still alive.
7/15 c6 Palacegirl
Oh oh, bofur found the ring. I hope he doesn't go mad or possessive over that ring just like bilbo did.
7/7 c5 Palacegirl
Love it. What a spoil brat she is, but than again it's not the child's fault she's this way, it's her farther fault. I can't wait to read what happens next!
7/3 c4 Palacegirl
Poor bilbo. I'm glad the baby boy is okay and the trio too. I wonder what's the dwarves are gonna do now? Looking forward of reading the next chapter. :)
7/2 c2 Palacegirl
Ok that was unexpected. I wonder if nobody went in beside bilbo to rescue the baby. I hope the baby survive and I hope the dwarfs are okay. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Please update soon :)
7/1 c1 Palacegirl
This is very interesting. I wonder what the little girl is going to do when she gets her hands on bilbo and how the dwarves are going to save bilbo. Looking forward to the next chapter, please update soon. :)
7/1 c1 Jillian Baade
Interesting. This nasty girl is a bit like the dentist’s niece in ‘Finding Nemo’ but worse. I would love to see more and how the dwarves manage to save Bilbo from this horrible child.

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