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for The Delinquent

7/8 c1 Guest
Aww, this is a great 'missing piece' from that episode. Can you write the next episode where they find Dawn and Kirsten's reactions to that?

But great story, thank you for writing this!
7/6 c1 Guest
Thanks for exploring this more and not glossing over some of the more significant parts. Obviously, it could be a much longer story in itself, but the show did a good job with certain scenes while racing through others, even magically having any injuries and signs of the beating from Luke and his 2 sidekicks or the guys in juvie just disappear and not warrant any attention or concern.

I'm definitely not sure about a 15-year-old being emancipated, but I won't dwell on that. On the positive side, having Kirsten more aware, less distant, prejudiced, and barely tolerant if Sandy took all responsibility is a major change. It would have been interesting to see some of that even during several years, not just days and weeks. Having it as a series of conversations and interactions would have been a tremendous difference for Ryan so he didn't have to feel so uncomfortable and look so uncertain around her for so long. I'm not sure that he could have hidden that here for her to have contact with him, but it's something to consider in terms of what would have changed.

You've done a good job of observing and analyzing his ways of communicating and how important his body language is, which becomes crucial for anyone who wants to learn about him. That's imperative for writing Ryan because so much is internal and unspoken, not that he doesn't convey things in his own way. As for never being wanted or having anyone care, that's sadly on the money.

Thanks for an alternative look and lots to think about.
7/5 c1 Guest
Good job. I'd love to see you do something similar for some of the other episodes
7/5 c1 Guest
I liked it. I also didn't blame Kirsten too much for not being thrilled about Sandy bringing a teenage car jacker who'd been in juvie home with him. She didn't know Ryan and had no way of knowing what kind of kid he was. She also had Seth to think about. I didn't think she was exactly cold or harsh toward him the rest of the time, but I can't really think of any big bonding moments between them off the top of my head...which seems kind of weird considering how long he lived in their house. I think she was pretty good to him when they all thought Theresa was pregnant with his kid if I remember correctly, but that's it. It seems like with Ryan's interest in architecture there was really a missed opportunity for someone in Kirsten's position to bond with him over that more. The only time I really judged her though was when she had her drinking problem and they did the intervention. What she said to Ryan then was absolutely terrible. Anyway sorry for the long review but I liked your take on this and could see it happening in moments we didn't see
7/3 c1 Guest
That is the best story I have ever read bridging the gap from Juvie. Please right more 1st season. This was

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