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for Alex Rider - You left me

3/2 c11 Guest
I found the name on Wattpad guys it is Remus_Letalis
10/11/2022 c10 ThatDamKotlcCybo
Damn me and eagle really relate to each other bi and single lol
4/7/2021 c1 Virtis
Hiii so this is the author here! So if you see this please read!

I am having the most difficult time getting my account back since it has locked me out. If you wish to continue reading please please please go and check out my wattpad account.

The account name is virtis-letalis so basically the same as on here!

The name of the book is the same and I update quite regularly. There are 2 more chapters there than on here so far and more are coming. Plus, I have updated the chapters and they are much much better,

All the best, thy author
4/8/2021 c11 Bumbee
Sadly, I can’t find you or the story on watt pad.
1/4/2021 c10 Eva Haller
Hey, just wanted to say I love this story, and hope you update soonI can’t wait to find out what happens when Alex and John realize that they are related, and how... Anyway, hope life has been treating you well.

All the best,

12/26/2020 c10 2taliaTMNTdrea
update please 3 i want to see Ben come into the story
12/23/2020 c10 Fangtasia21
Alex&Eagle pair?
12/17/2020 c10 Lilybud
wolf is such a...I hope Alex beats the shit out of him if he goes too far
12/15/2020 c10 Madness Immortality and Magic
Really great story! I’m so exited for Alex to hear the name of the instructor! Some of your characters are a bit OOC though - like Wolf being a bit too threatening and Alex not very spy-ish. Is that a word? Spy-ish?
11/7/2020 c10 Guest
I like the plot a lot. The delivery is a little off. You focus on the wrong details. The barracks location and entire setup, or the history of guns, for example, could be put into an authors note. More details in what is happening in the story is better. Setting, characters, action. The story is getting better. But you could have left out the aside in parenthesis about John rider and just provided hints. Make the reader guess a little that’s what makes it fun. All in all very intriguing storyline,
10/23/2020 c10 Fangtasia21
Fully same than chapter 9.
10/22/2020 c10 PurePreet
i think you repeated this chapter, but this book sooooo gud, I'm sooo glad I found it * dances in joy *
10/22/2020 c7 PurePreet
it was reeaaaalalllallllyyyyyy coool, i just noticed this thing, so now I can talki talk, I'm glad you enjoyed you'er holiday
10/21/2020 c10 Indefinite-Readz
Tysm for updating, I love this story!,
10/12/2020 c8 2Cakemania225
Update soon pls
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