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2/7 c13 1Eagleone 55
love this series
12/7/2023 c3 Mikeblade
thanks for writing this is fun to read
12/7/2023 c2 Mikeblade
this is fun
12/7/2023 c1 Mikeblade
another thing they never explained is in the star gate movie when they first started using the stargate they would pop out the other side shivering like they where freezing cold then then in the tv show that stopped and they never explained why
11/7/2023 c6 1Nastadoa
I wonder if harry used the family curse breaker technique it would fix something for the longbottoms
10/11/2023 c13 fraewyn
Loved it!
9/19/2023 c13 pincho
Honestly, if this story was written a bit more like the first story it would be a smashing success. As it is it feels more like an epilog of the first story instead of a sequel.

Thanks for sharing it.
8/14/2023 c13 rayhawkins10
I really enjoyed this. Thank you
7/22/2023 c4 yrlastin
I'm surprised Harry hasen't snapped at the overprotective behaviour of his family, the wolves and girlfriends!
He started all his inventions so he discover new things and I feel they are holding him back from doing so.
I would NOT be HAPPY if I was him!
7/12/2023 c13 2monthsofsummer
Love this
7/3/2023 c4 4Jetstream
I really feel the need to reiterate, hardness isn't the same thing as durable, or able to weather impact. You don't want a hard, unyielding material. Making a ship out of diamond would be a stupid idea, and you don't use tungsten for its hardness, it's used for its heat resistance.
6/28/2023 c11 Llewey
Why wouldn’t he just take two batteries?
6/15/2023 c13 AliceTobor
Re-read this yet again.
It is one of the stories that make me feel better when I'm depressed.

Thank you so much for your time and effort writing and posting this story!
5/25/2023 c6 Guest
Having Remus acting like a control freak is destroy the story. Remus was always a follower and self depreciating narcissistic fool.
5/10/2023 c13 Critical2023
finished your 3 stories featuring these characters (not counting the x-over as it never grabbed my attention enough to continue).
that said Origin left a lot lacking. he steamrolled over everything and everyone Except the Magical U.S., WHY leave them out (except to boost word count?) of the spank them and put them in a corner like you did everything else? next while explaining how/why some things came about the process was about as captivating as explaining to a 2 year old why their favorite cookie has to have it's ingredients mixed a certain way and the baked at a certain temperature for etc., etc., ect. a lot of readers are the same way, they like the effect/taste of the story/cookie but could care less/understand the why that the finished product is. that said the easy fix is to cut out the extrapolation of why and condense it into something shorter that's not going to make the reader bored of reading a Tech Schematic instead of the quick setup users manual.
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