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6/26 c2 Belthazor2
All the woke feminist and anti-gun moments made me laugh. You are really trying too hard. I wouldn't be surprised if you decide to gender bend Harry st some point lol. He is the patriarchy after all.
6/5 c2 kristinamanga
C'est drôle d'appeler le monde des sorciers, des Marsien ! x)
5/11 c13 Shiaira73
I've really been enjoying this story. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Thank for taking the time to write and share it.
5/9 c13 Incantations7
A very different spin on a HP/Stargate crossover, but I definitely enjoyed it. Harry’s gift to Jack really hit me in the feels, hard… I’ve never seen that one before.
5/5 c13 afdhalulakbar2003
The thing with the grooming of 11-year old girls. Yes, I agree with you. That seemed creepy to me too, when I read it again, but my intentions were never as sinister as it seemed. Harry had a bigger goal, but it was to have influence in all the houses and to elevate the girls' standing so that everyone would look to them and through them to Harry, not to be a pedophile. Seeing him as their protector and love interest just seemed the natural way to protect them. I was going for Harem, but not even I know how you'd go about achieving his goals, and not making it seem creepy without a lot of jealousy and catfights later in the story.

Now where i have heard the same thing, oh yeah The Muhammad pedo debate thing and now this shit
4/30 c13 Fallow58
xXxXx KUDOS xXxXx : )
3/30 c13 Xeranes
Uhhhhhhmmmm. Ok. It escalated. HARD.
Lit. The power scale is just nuts.
Good job.
Fun story.
2/23 c2 scyfly
really this is just one long show and tell for the sg1 pretending to be better than them.
2/10 c13 Cant
Say that I greatly, or even partially, like this.
Some ideas. Interesting. Glad for the wedding. Should have been already.
Plus, crazy stuff. In the end. I’m not satisfied with this.
2/10 c13 Glad
They’re finally married!
Shalom shalom
2/10 c12 I
Cannot condone the strip club, because they are regularly a part of the horrors of human trafficking.
2/10 c12 Magic
being alive means there is consciousness. That means higher beings, and not some seeming sort of lesser god goodhood, with overly naturalized and dumbed down spiritualism. Aka this is so contradictory.
2/10 c12 You
can actually have a real, living experiential relation with Jesus. Not just religious script and ceremony. He’s a lot bigger then men’s ideas. He loves you.
2/10 c12 Sorry
if you have bad experiences with those who claim religion. I just want you to know, even if I come across as pretentious thru my reviews, He is not religion. Jesus is Alice, and He loves you.
2/10 c9 Being
their own grandparents? That’s disgusting! Paradoxical immoral incest cycles! Madness!
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