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for Billy Batson and The Power of Shazam

7/2 c2 Jostanos
Ok then, Captain.. If that is true then~:

1) How do "wand wavers" ("Harry Potter-verse" if you need an example) fit into this? For they would claim otherwise nine times out of ten.

2) _EVERY BEING_ has access to the Rock of Eternity's magic? Even me, the one who is writing this?

3) The Rock of Eternity may either be very well hidden wherever it may be in the multiverse if its powers may be felt all through out it. It's own "Pocket space" I guess. Right?

*sighs* Anyway..

I wonder what may have happened to the Antique store owner after the "Cursed Crocs" ran out.
Did the Prince, or other being, help him? We know that the kind old man was spared from the being's wrath after all.. well~ it is implied anyway.

I pray that he'll be ok.

Another thing that I am curious about is the, and please pardon the vernacular, "poindexter".
What may that Mad Scientist do now? How may his plots and plans be foiled?

Matsuo (My Mauve haired male Tween OC): With aluminum! *SE Grins*

*face palms*

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