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for Don't Tell The Marshal

8/9 c4 29RBGirl
Very tense final chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story. Must say, I always love watching the big strong marshal save the beautiful lady. Good job .
7/25 c4 LeighAB14
Great story!
7/25 c3 LeighAB14
You're welcome! Kitty is so mischievous. Haha!
Another great chapter.
7/24 c4 53Shellecah
What an exciting finale. I had no idea how this endgame would play out, except Sikes getting a bullet. Enjoyed this raw Wild West tale from the start, and think you saved the best for last. Love your intense action words, like the vintage dramatic Western literature. I like the GS characters depicted as emotional and a bit wild, as they sometimes are in the earliest seasons of the series. In their positions, they would be.
7/24 c4 52shari
Sikes is a piece of work and the worst type of underhanded criminal. Sam always takes care of Kitty thank goodness. Now kitty is safe until the next unsavory criminal comes to Dodge
7/24 c4 57lostcowgirl
I love the irony of Doc's retort that ends this story. Thanks for providing such a suspenseful tale from beginning to end.
7/17 c3 53Shellecah
Great suspenseful setup for Matt's confrontation with Sikes, and Kitty's plans to be at the Long Branch heighten the suspense and drama. Look forward to the next chapter.
7/17 c3 52shari
Matt has a plan how to catch his coward. Sikes would think nothing of shooting Matt in the back but don’t think he’s brave enough to face him
7/17 c1 52shari
A bit of insanity swirling around Sikes. Kitty’s temper gets the best of her sometimes. Those young men didn’t deserve o die that way. Kitty is going to have one heck of a headache
7/17 c3 57lostcowgirl
Kitty's concussion can't be all that bad. She's able to tease Matt & company. Now Sikes has to take the bait. I'm already looking forward to the next chapter.
7/12 c2 lovingmesomeMK
Good writing, can't wait for more.
7/11 c2 LeighAB14
Very good story. Sikes is crazy!
7/12 c2 MaryRoseEllen
Another great chapter, glad Kitty was not too badly hurt, and of course told Matt the whole sorry tale.
This is a very good story, I'm again looking forward to next week's instalment.
7/10 c2 Beverly
Fine chapter! Excellent story! Thank you for sharing.
7/10 c2 nanajojo
Very nice update. Still loving it.️
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