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10/19 c22 18Crazycartoons5488
I Have a another idea for blind alley In Mexico, it turns out that it isn't Alex at all, it's really Mystique. She sam and rogue hits Scott with some sort of knock out gas. Scott wakes up in the desert alone and without his glasses And Rogue take scott powers
9/13 c5 1austin012603
Great chapter and bless you Sam. Mystique is a great mother to Sam. Also looks like you have some spelling errors.
8/19 c20 18Crazycartoons5488
Tabitha join the brotherhood huh?
8/16 c19 Crazycartoons5488
Poor jean her powers are out of control.
8/10 c18 Crazycartoons5488
That was so Cool Mystique as risty wilde to be with her Granddaughter LucyCreed I love it.
8/2 c17 Crazycartoons5488
I should give the name Mary instead of alice.
8/1 c16 Crazycartoons5488
LucyCreed is really mad at her two sisters and mother
7/30 c15 Crazycartoons5488
WOW Yeah this is the best chapter ever and i can't wait for season 2.
7/29 c14 Crazycartoons5488
Eventually, Sam rogue and there mother Mystique tracks lucy creed in a alleyway and tries to help her. She tells lucy that she only became Risty so that she could be close to her. They get into a fight and lucy creed morphs into Mystique.

As lucy creed/Mystique tries to fight with sam rogue and Mystique, Mystique backs away saying that lucy creed knows the real truth.
7/27 c13 Crazycartoons5488
i have a brand new idea Mystique PRETEND TO Be Risty to spend time with her daughter lucy creed. Sam and Rogue ask there mother to chance into a new student as Risty to be friends with her other daughter lucy creed.
7/22 c11 Guest
l like see new chapter
7/22 c11 Crazycartoons5488
They team up to save them cool.
7/20 c10 Crazycartoons5488
cool i can't wait to see chapter 11
7/17 c9 Crazycartoons5488
wow this is a great chapter yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
7/16 c2 Crazycartoons5488
Lucy creed is roomate is kitty
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