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4/7 c6 quin3218
I really love this ship now
4/7 c4 quin3218
4/6 c2 quin3218
That was great! Glad there’s more!
7/14/2022 c6 ger
love it and that head aoror is an arsehole
7/14/2022 c2 ger
love it
11/28/2021 c6 Gracie15Trowa
Yay I loved this
11/22/2021 c6 62Stormshadow13
Love the pairing. A very fun story to read.
10/11/2021 c6 7ScarletOsprey
I adore this fic <3
9/8/2021 c6 8HarryPotterFangirl85
First time reading this pairing. I also like that you uploaded all the sequels in the same place, because scrolling through all of your stories looking for sequels gets tedious some days.
8/14/2021 c6 mkoepp63026
This was an amazing story! Harry coming out of his little boy who lived shell was hilarious! and I loved every single word.
8/10/2021 c6 vrani140
7/31/2021 c6 AnnaMerteuil
love it
7/30/2021 c6 Tetradical
7/26/2021 c6 HoneyBear84
Loved it
7/26/2021 c6 Evergreen Sceptre
I love the extended part! This really made me want to find a husband like Marcus Flint.
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