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for His Shining Light

6/15/2021 c4 Aristanae1864
My gosh, Frigga is as good as a servant to that asshole Odin! She certainly doesn't act like a Queen or All-Mother, she acts like a meek little housewife terrified of disobeying her useless husband! You'd think that after being married to the self righteous hypocritical jerk, that she would have many ways to punish him for how much he hurts and treats her as NOTHING. I think it's long past time for her to show everyone how a true powerful Queen should act and be treated!
8/1/2020 c13 Lestatsgirl15
Sweet story. Update soon
7/3/2020 c5 4Crossbows-and-dreams
Hey i could read the first chapter but i think there is something wrong with the rest, it all looks like coding with words inbetween, impossible to read sorry maybe re upload it

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