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for Two Spiders: Away From Home

8/11 c3 2jb4280218
I’d prefer to mostly focus on MCU and Gwen but the occasional POV switch could be interesting.

That depends on what is Beck’s motivation for targeting Peter.
8/10 c3 Ultimatrix bearer
I am all for more spider POV. I especially want to see what happens when you leave peni and Ned alone in a high tech lab.

Love how you actually lampshaded how the spider sense never works on ant may.

8/10 c3 Ykomat
Yeah it would better if you got rid of Edith how about you replace ediths plot thing with the iron spider suit
8/9 c3 5Power of Magic
That was a good chapter, and glad that your okay with the COVID-19 hanging about. Looking forward to the next chapter, and I think doing POV's from the other Spider's perspective would be a good idea. And if you want to remove EDITH entirely, cause of the story change, then it might not be such a bad idea
8/9 c3 AACM25
I'm curious, why would people call bullshit on 2 spiders beating Luke Cage? Isn't spiderman generally as strong as Luke Cage, plus this is not even marvel comics Luke Cage but the Netflix one, so even more of a diference. From where I see it, Luke Cage couldn't dream of overpowering one spider, let alone 2.
8/9 c3 Sonicfanoftheworld05
I think you should keep EDITH. It seems a bit too important to leave out. Plus I’d like to see Gwen’s reaction Peter almost blowing everyone up XD.
8/9 c3 Dragon Rider 66
hmm, interesting bit with the different POV's of the more "hardened" spiders. i like it.

interesting bit of how the first meeting with noir, scarlet, and cage went; thought not too much i can really comment on due to never seeing any of the netflix shows.

hard to say about the EDITH thing. on the one hand, understandable on what you mean about beck and stuff, but on the other hand it does also have kind of an important role for peters development with handling losing his mentor and being how he's the "next iron man" and stuff. so my standing is a bit more on the keeping EDITH side than removing it.
7/25 c2 10shuujin.takagi
Exijo mas protagonismo para Peni, me gustaria ver a Ned interactuando sobre tecnologia con Peni
7/24 c1 Gibs 99
Now that I think of it how about having Michelle as a waitress that would be pretty funny seeing as she has a crush on Peter and seeing peter and Gwen on a date
7/24 c2 21Cross-Z Magma
Can I mention this... Now that they are in the MCU and no one knows about the whole SpiderGwen and you know everything, I realized (By reading the First Fic) that now they can have that Fancy dinner Date they wanted that one time and went wrong because people are assholes... And Well keep the good work and blah blah blah, love this thing.
Also answering your questions: 1.I don't know it will probably be something good so if you want do it.
2. The Thing for the Days Out it's that there's not actually a lot of guys in the MCU cast(Peter's Age and that know who's Spiderman, and etc), I mean you could only add people if you add the Defenders or Daredevil or something, man I mean it that or Happy and that strange and blah blah.
3. Well, Gwen and Michelle maybe could get along but it would be hard considering that Michelle and Gwen can only see each other if they somehow come across in the streets or something, or with Peter... But yeah maybe they could get along.
Well, I'm out. Have Fun
7/23 c2 Ultimatrix bearer
Yes for other spider POV! I can’t decide whether the comedy or the absence of character bashing were the chapter highlights.

7/22 c1 Marvel fan 333
If your going to have Mysterio say Spider-Man killed him how about he doesn’t reveal his identity but just says spider man killed him
7/22 c2 timmysocool
I don't think that Gwen and Michelle would get along. If Peter came back at the same time and the same events from "Far From Home" Occured, wouldn't that mean Michelle is still interested in Peter? Maybe Jealous or just plain awkward between the two, idk.

Just wanted to say I love this story, it's been my favorite spider man fanfiction the first one, and the creativity and genius are totally showing! Keep up the good stuff!
7/21 c1 Ykomat
If you are going to do a sequel to this I think you should make idavisual spiders helping out different heros like penny could join the Guardians or Spider-Man noir could meet Daredevil or punisher something like that
7/21 c2 mrna prz
I would like to see an interaction between UCM Betty and Gwen, the two of them alone; maybe with MJ, but I don't see a smooth relationship between her and Gwen.
Not only because of Peter, but because of the perennial love-hate relationship between the Gwens and MJ's of all the worlds
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