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for Edge of Doom Part 3: The Bothan Way

10/13/2020 c1 2YoungW
Enjoyable second book! In terms of something a little unique, I liked the view from the Separatist side of wartime operations with what Zuro Pax the defector gets up to, he's also a likeable character with whom I sympathised. The narrative's tough treatment of the Jedi was interesting, as they're normally the pretty untouchable heroes of these sorts of stories; you do a nice job of shining some light on their squabbles, mistakes and normal human weaknesses, with a big thumbs up for the Jedi Council mini-trial (and set-up and follow-up) with Yoda, Mace, Depa being morally unsound and two lesser characters suffering the unjust consequences (mainly Jazal, who's a nice OC whom I like seeing in action).
A general compliment on the idea of giving the Separatists unorthodox warfare tactics to vary up a war narrative - the Shadowfeeds strategy, the Lurmen undermining the Republic credit, and the awful hostage-bombs on Antar 4. Likewise the Naval Intelligence operation against the Lurmen, and the attack on Bothawui-9, were gritty reads. And the 'plague' incident on Ohma-D'un was gruesome but gripping.
Lots of entertaining storytelling to enjoy. Good work.

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