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for Harry Potter and the Auror Academy: Transitions

11/20 c2 astudent99
I am a sucker for fight scenes and you delivered! The two aurors are hilarious- I am hooked
11/19 c1 astudent99
I can't believe I've never read this story before b/c I luv apprenticeship and academy stories! I seriously needed this in my life right now. I can't wait to see what happens next. Please take my favorite and my review.
11/18 c24 2Deanna Halliwell
All the Daphne and Harry scenes made me so happy! Gah, they are so cute! But girl, this slow burn is KILLING ME! ha ha! So clever on all the campaign slogans and the jab at MAGA! I laughed hysterically! Another wonderful chapter!
11/17 c24 cccarie
I read it :3c its immaculate
11/17 c24 wolf970
Nice chapter, short but well written. Keep up the good work and see U soon
11/15 c24 cirque
Aww dear my thoughts and prayers are with you! So sorry to hear you are having family trouble. I adore this story as always and I will be forever your fan. Really love all the different election candidates and the R18 wizarding shop bit was quite funny.
11/17 c24 indie0209
love this book I do hope good fortune come of him and his goblin friend honestly they just want peace like the rest I think a part of the prophecy wasn't done something about a new alley what does that mean hope for a update soon
11/15 c24 ICQ
This was a brilliant chapter! I love the interaction between Harry and Daphne, AND the sneaky looks Andromeda and Sebastian give each other about the two
I’m so excited for romance to start coming up more between Harry and Daphne; Harry is so innocent and unassuming and I can’t wait to see how it blooms!
I’m sorry to hear your family is going through a rough time. Take all the time you need for your real life stuff. We’ll be awaiting your return patiently.
11/15 c24 2mwinter1
When you say may or ma not be up to something, you have indicated that they are. Awaiting more
11/15 c24 Fireandy
Great to see this back. Hope all is well. Looking forward to more! Thanks for posting
11/14 c24 RosiePosie
I really enjoyed this fanfic, i just bingged all the chapters in 2 days! Keep writing, your idea and style is great and i truly enjoyed reading so far :) Can't wait for the next chapter i hope all is well with you!
11/14 c24 Ermac18
Hola nuevamente!
El capítulo es corto, pero agradable.

Ron es Ron, no importa el universo que sea... Parece que siempre está destinado a ser un tonto en la mayoría de ellos.

Fue gracioso cuando Harry se topó con esa librería para adultos, pobre muchacho...
Sobre eso, siempre me sorprende la sensibilidad a la magia que posee, me encanta que sea poderoso, y una vez que se recupere de sus lesiones quiero ver a qué grado llega su potencial.

También espero castigos para el viejo manipulador de Dumbledore. Odio que aún después de que Harry haya cumplido con la profesia, ese viejo siga interfiriendo de una u otra forma con la vida del joven mago.

Espero que te encuentres bien, cuídate mucho y sé feliz siempre!
Hasta la próxima.

11/14 c24 Hank1967
Excellent chapter! Enjoyed their jaunt through Diagon Alley. Rather funny to find that their equivalent to the red light district was right beside the Daily Prophet. How fitting! The electioneering bit was rather fun, too. Still wondering what's going to happen with Ron... Boy seriously needs to chill. Grow up, too, come to think of it. Can't wait to see what's next!
11/14 c24 Iceey
I really enjoyed rereading the entire fic, and in fact, read the fic again JUST to get to that scene so beautifully. (The birthday party is my absolute favorite). I wanted to encourage you and just share that I love it.
11/14 c1 2Anon19740
It’s sad to hear about your family, this shorter update is just fine for as long as you need, it’s still just as good.
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