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for Harry Potter and the Auror Academy: Transitions

7/22/2020 c8 Alderaxen
I found this while I was searching for some new fanfiction to read, and I am glad I did.

I love the idea of Harry being a Auror trainee and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

Thanks for sharing your story,
7/19/2020 c1 1venus4279
Thank you for your reviews. emilysouza221b, you are totally right, and I promise the annoying skips will cease and desist by this time next week; chronology restored and maintained until the end. I will PM you.
7/19/2020 c1 emilysouza221b
loved the story but it's near unreadable due to the jumps. I would ask that instead of just posting each chapter that comes to mind, acually hold back for a min, get your plot in order and post sequentially. because as much as I enjoyed the plot, I hated just hated the jumps and such.
7/19/2020 c7 1GreenOtter467
This is really entertaining, looking forward to more chapters, loved the Aurors in the private room discussing them, love the interactions between Harry, Daphne and Susan. Looking forward to seeing where this is going well done so far :D
7/18/2020 c6 1venus4279
MrKristoffer1994- Thank you for reading and for your question. While both witches unquestionably bring a great deal to the table, it is far too early to say for sure who Harry will end up with. I am hopeful, however, that everyone enjoys the road to finding out.
7/18/2020 c7 Kri55555t00ffer
I was wondering about something: since both Susan and Daphne are tagged among the main characters and are extremely beautiful and attractive witches, will they both fall in love with Harry? Since Harry is both Lord Potter and Lord Black, he will be able to marry at least two witches, one for each house :3
7/16/2020 c7 venus4279
Thank you - MrKristoffer1994- for being my first reviewer! I am glad you are enjoying the story. I will do a full scrub of these last few chapters at your suggestion, before I post part 3!
7/16/2020 c7 Kri55555t00ffer
Awesome story so far, but I need to correct one thing: Daphne's last name is not Greenglass, it is Greengrass :3
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