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8/22/2021 c23 2Anon19740
Nice in between chapter, can’t wait to see some of the newer subplot
8/22/2021 c23 Iceey
Also - the fighting between Ron and Neville… eeep! Can I just say I’m glad that Ron is NOT in Harry’s squad. It would be too easy for Ron to just skive off the way he did all throughout school and try to manipulate Harry into not studying/working hard as well. I know you literally *just* posted this, but I can’t wait for the aftermath of said argument!
8/22/2021 c23 Iceey
Another excellent chapter! I love how Harry interacts with the people (and goblins) around him. Kind and selfless and respectful! I really enjoy the way you’ve written him as more introverted and quiet in this story.
8/22/2021 c23 2mwinter1
Awaiting more.
8/6/2021 c22 Sadhaka
You don’t place a leader into a combat squad your not sure of. That just never happens. And you’d never stunt a better prospect by leaving them in a subordinate position. It’s the opposite of how you actually build teams.

Teams are built on inclinations, traits that lead to growth. They are not based on seeing if someone might get better. For that they’d be given more training. Putting a person you already know if a bad leader into a position of power because you hope they’ll get better is not a strategy. Frankly, it sounds more like you wanted it that way and pulled a reason from the ether.

It’s got story. Write what you want. I sure can’t stop you. But I think I’ll see what else is out there.
7/19/2021 c22 WDW
I love this fic so far. Daphne seems like a nice person for Harry...can't imagine he likes being called Lord Potter though
7/14/2021 c22 slinkygustavo
So worth the wait as always! Love the pacing and can not wait to see what happens with the squad dynamics!
7/11/2021 c22 Ermac18
Hola de nuevo, fué un capítulo más corto de lo que nos tenías acostumbrado... Pero interesante y entretenido al igual que los anteriores.
Argentina ganó la Copa... Podría conjurar el Patronus compro más grande del mundo!
Gracias por compartir ésta historia... Sigo esperando más escenas de Harry y Daphne...
Abrazo de gol!
7/10/2021 c22 cirque
Thanks for the new chapter! So excited to see how the other teams play out. Interesting that you made Elf Team Lead I wonder how it will clash with Harry's natural leader charisma. I love your OCs and am glad to see more of them on the Auror Force team.
7/10/2021 c21 Ermac18
Amo como Augusta pone en su lugar a Dumbledore jaja de verdad me encanta.
Así que por ahora se termina la política...
Ya quiero ver a Harry recuperado y más escenas de Harry y Daphne.
Ahora comienza la final de la Copa América: Argentina - Brasil... Espero que gane mí seleccion.. sobre todo porque quiero ver a Messi levantar una copa con la selección.
Dejaré el último capítulo para leerlo post partido.
Abrazo de gol!
7/10/2021 c20 Ermac18
Holaaaa ha pasado tiempo... Es un placer volver a leer ésta magnífica historia...
WOW que final más emocionante... Me voy a leer el siguiente capítulo.
Abrazo de gol.
7/7/2021 c22 Guest
nice chapter can’t wait for whats next
7/6/2021 c22 Hrh
I am happy that you didn’t put Ron with Harry. As much as they are the bestest of friends, I think Ron needs to learn how to truly work hard to achieve what he wants. in an earlier chapter you wrote that Ron didn’t score high on his exams partially because he didn’t try as hard to study. Being without his friends will force him to study more on his own instead of relying on someone else (cough cough *Hermione*) to do half of his work. I also feel like Ron will be able to grow as a person better without Harry always there to support him and “fix” any of his mess-ups and relationships.
7/6/2021 c22 1Strolling Along
I'm sorry for your personal loss. The past 18 months have been a nightmare for a lot of people, and regardless of the reasons such a loss is always hard to work through. It makes you reflect on your life choices and directions, which doesn't help the general stress levels.

As always, thank you for writing and sharing. You are a good writer and have been building an interesting world in your story. I fear you may surpass 1M words before they ever get to the Auror Academy, though, given the pace you've set thus far.

The handicap of Harry due to the battle, critical year (1-11) malnutrition, etc. makes sense at some level .. but also fails the sniff test in many others. In canon, all of the bones in Harry's arm were vanished by Lockhart, and regrown overnight (!) by Pomfrey with a dose of skelegrow. Canon references also make clear that much dark magic can be healed, and those parts that cannot .. simply cannot, in an all-or-nothing situation (ref: Moody, Pomfrey discussions, post Graveyard scene, Malfoy Manner, etc.). All the drama here seems like it serves no overall plot purpose, which is tedious to read through, given what can be done in a week to regrow all the bones in the body .. per night, 2 arms, 2 legs, upper torso, lower torso, headneck. That doesn't necessarily fix the size of his body, but the brittleness (osteoporosis) would be completely removed .. so why are you putting the readers through this again? A bit of extended treatment time makes sense, but months later ..?

The pairings of teams in the Academy is an interesting choice. It reflects how teams are built and opportunities are provided in modern scenarios, from armies to corporations. Mostly it comes down to the amount of time for "training" vs field deployment or direct engagement of actual problems. When you have 6-8 weeks to sort it out, you focus on the natural leaders and let the others develop over time. When you have 1-2 years, you focus on the potential leaders and continue to train the rest, hedging your bets that the natural leaders will take over as time passes and the crucible of testing refines everyone.

I struggle heavily with the Potter "family" magic theme. Sure, for royalty, not having liaisons that can pollute the inheritance lines makes some sense .. though magical testing easily resolves ambiguity, it doesn't resolve contention and pretenders and fights over claims. It's a bit extreme, since the same magical imperatives could just render him "shooting blanks" such that he can't make someone pregnant. Biologically, he'd have to be having wet dreams on a regular basis - it's a body chemistry thing, and it cannot be stopped without causing serious damage to the reproductive system. That context provided, as an author you are essentially portraying Harry as a completely naive and ignorant 17 year old with zero thoughts or experiences in any direction related to sexual engagements or relationships .. which is so far outside of real behavior it's kind of staggering. Boarding schools like this are rampant for sex and alcohol and so on, world-wide. The UK is rather .. infamous .. for this in many ways. I don't see how to reconcile your setup with the portrayal in a way that actually works. It may have been somewhat suppressed by personal choice with the whole Voldemort thing, but the biological imperatives cannot be denied. Moreover, the family magic - if it's so intent on protecting the succession - should be driving him to procreate like mad with a spouse, given that he's the very last Potter. I can't quite reconcile how you're choosing to portray this and the biological coding of our physical bodies and the actual behavior of late teens (and early teens!) in these environments. That's before you bring out how much high stress (war-like) situations amplifies the biological responses .. which are very well known and studied.

On the final topic, I saw your response to my earlier review. Unless you spend a lot of time deviating from day 1 of canon material to show Hermione is someone else .. no, your answer is wrong. Take it from someone that went through a difficult childhood and knows a bunch of others that have done the same. Heavily controlling personalities in a relationship with such abused children leads to vicious cycles of violence and abuse in the relationship, and a bunch of very complex problems. Healthy relationships require a very, very different personality in a life partner. I and others have friends who can be a bit overbearing, but they induce huge amounts of stress to be around for prolonged periods of time. Hermione in canon, and in any fanfic story that doesn't completely change her entire personality, is the one female character with sufficient canon definition that she can never actually be a partner for Harry. The close second is Pansy. You're the author, you can do what you want, but any kind of domineering personality - pushy, aggressive, controlling, nagging - would lead in a real scenario of such people to a very, very dark outcome.
7/6/2021 c12 Lulu
I love Ted. The story with Mippy was great. It is good to see Harry and Remus developing their relationship- Harry needs all the help he can get!
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