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for Never Give Up Hope

8/24 c2 1k+Lord Jeremy Silver
Interesting and good, as always, my sweet friend.
8/24 c2 2Isaiah Flamez
I’m confused
Aria and Spencer’s daughter has been missing for 23 years?
8/24 c2 24Boris Yeltsin
I loved it.
8/24 c2 16Momma Duck
This just made me smile so wide omg. I've never been so happy for fictional characters, like, Joan, Laura, and Margaret deserve this reunion. I love them. And I am also sitting on my couch at three am, binging Netflix lol. I might have just been inspired to write something too, but we'll see :D
7/10 c1 1k+Lord Jeremy Silver
Amazing. I am glad that Joan and Laura get to have their lost daughter back. They will probably be very happy.
7/5 c1 16Momma Duck
I love how you're weaving everything together. And I'm glad Laura and Joan will be able to see their daughter again. Can't wait for the next installment!
7/4 c1 24Boris Yeltsin
Awww, loved it. You're cooking.

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