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for Ascendance of the Flash

5/6 c9 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next chapter
5/5 c9 Kuramachakra
I think the series has been abandoned because it’s been a long time. It was a nice series though
5/4 c9 ewjonesbaylor
Amazing story but it’s been almost a year, I know you said it would be a while but has this story actually been abandoned?
5/3 c1 Etro champion
Don't get me wrong the story is absolutely fantastic what would you take words from our world and throw it into your story it takes the reader out of the story He watched with a lesser amount of surprise when the shuriken simply bounced off the sage.

He watched with a lesser amount of surprise when the shuriken simply bounced off the sage.

"What hell happened" but outside of that the stories fantastic and I thank you I just want to say that when people do this it it ruin a fantastic story I thank you and wish you best as wild and crazy time
5/2 c9 Kaisell Windson
I can't wait until naruto uses sage mode
4/28 c7 PXY
The last comment got accidentally posted here before I wrote it completely so here is the rest of the review of chapter 7. Where am I yeah I don't think that giving Orochimaru's sword to Tenten is good idea I also agree with Tsunade in it. Tsunade is completely shocked after learning that Naruto scared Orochimaru and made him run that reaction was priceless. I also liked the analysis of Yamato about Naruto that literally show his genius. I like how much Temari cares about Naruto they really deserves each other and I have to admit Temari really worked on her stamina because she knew how much hard it will be to keep up with Naruto in Lime (you know what I mean). Is Temari really pregnant? I like how the event went with Team 10. Naruto showed the flaws of Team 10 really well but I think that Naruto overdo with Ino he shouldn't have let Kurama done it. I understand how Ino fealt and her reaction was valid but I didn't like Kurenai's reaction at all I know what Naruto did was not good but he don't deserve that, Kurenai still hold a grudge against Naruto she always acted negative towards Naruto and I know her view will change later I read the reviews and I saw so many people reacting about Kurenai like that. So now Naruto decides to tell them everything. I like the Idea of Tsunade's creating Nijuu Shoutai to hunt Akatsuki down and at last Naruto is taking Temari in holiday. In my eyes it's the perfect Character development chapter in you both Flash Naruto books yet.
4/28 c7 PXY
PXY here. Today I read the chapter 7 after a long time and here is my rating about Chapter 7: I am giving it 5/5 Stars. Like how I criticized you in chapter 6 because of Naruto not using flying Raijin mark on Orochimaru so he could get a mission to kill Orochimaru later on with a team and just directly teleported to him and kill him end for all and now in this chapter your proved my criticizim wrong because Orochimaru could literally change his body and get rid of the Flying Raijin Mark. I like that thing about your writing that you already knew that people will bought up the questions about it so in chapter 7 you already cleared that. I like the chakra marking seal that Naruto made now no matter how much Orochimaru changes his body he won't be able to get rid of the mark. Naruto decision for no to go after Orochimaru probes his leadership and team work skill and probes that how much mature and intelligent your Naruto is. Giving the sword of Oroc
4/28 c9 ft gygg
Can you do the next part quick pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
4/29 c9 CoffeeHandShaky
Bravo! A masterful chapter! I felt like crying with Hiruzen just breaking down like that, and excellent fight with Kakuzu and Hidan, with a technique like Hiraishin I'm sure Hidan is fucked, if not for his immortality he's average at best considering in canon where Kakashi just blocks his scythe attacks with a fking Kunai. I agree with how the fight progressed. Once again Kudos for a great chapter!
4/29 c3 CoffeeHandShaky
Bruh why Naruto is acting like a jerk, his personality is unlike Minato at all. Minato is cool, calm, collected even while killing his enemies he doesn't act like a jerk, unlike this Naruto he's more of a jerk lol
4/27 c1 shlokop
Bro you introduced red lightning but you have not used it yet, naruto also recreated the chidori while sparring, but. He has still not used it also great work waiting for next part
4/27 c1 5AkeenCarter
I’ve read both of your stories in last two days. And I’m a fan. I enjoy a good OP Naruto fic every now and then, and this was very enjoyable.

My only complaint is that I think Anko should be in the story more since she is Naruto’s first teacher. But that’s just because I’m a fan of her character.
4/25 c9 ft gygg
4/27 c7 Tukmaster4u
Can't wait for five kage and war ark the interaction between A, Ohnoki, kurostuchi just in general with the cloud and iwa shinobi and I hope minato is reanimated so they interact and all the cool combination between those two and the batter and how they are really alike that would be really cool.
4/23 c1 Guest
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