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1/20 c8 Rasheshwari
please don't kill off Asuma if possible
but I like your story either way
1/20 c8 Guest
Well no words chapter 8 is really a great one you showed that you can put emotion even in a fanfic canon arc. That made me feel like it made this fic even more interesting than Canon Naruto series in some points. Overall my rating for the chapter is 9/10.
1/20 c4 Guest
Welly made
13h c8 ramiropachunga5
Y si haces que Sasuke se inyecte el ADN de Orochimaru y aprendra senjutsu con las serpiente para hacerlo más poderoso. Y darle el papel de Kabuto o algo parecido.
21h c8 kgarz01
Everytime it pops up, I physically groan and cringe at the name Haruto. It is just as bad and uninspired as boruto, something that should of never came into existence and should of been smothered as soon as it conceived.

Kenji? Makito? Kazuto? Anything a little more different than just changing one letter could have worked.
1/19 c1 Note sdbh
I hope that you won't Kill Asuma off and instead make him nearly dead, Shikamru and others could escape with Asuma and made back safely to Konoha and after the mission's failure Shikamru will understand the true meaning of to be a Shinobi and he will train hard and defeat hidan. I think it will be way better because as we know from Shikamaru's reaction in the canon Sasuke Retrieval Arc when he failed to complete the mission and his friends were in danger playing between life and death in the hospital and I think it will be way better. You already saved Hayate from dying.
1/20 c8 cathyscloud9
Loving the story
1/20 c8 LethalGamer
can you upload this story on wattpad too?
1/18 c4 Guest
Give Sasuke rinnegan early and make that fight happen in 5 Kage Summit because until War Arc come Naruto will become even more stronger and it's 100% that he will have the power to literally one shot Sasuke.
1/20 c1 lawalk73
Enjoying this so far, my expectations only grows!
1/18 c1 Guest
I hope now it will be InoShika
1/19 c8 Elpit0tai
Te amamos we que le vallan bien a tus abuelitos en recuperación y tomate tu tiempo con la historia
1/19 c8 mindanila471
it's just a masterpiece
1/19 c8 DocCBM
1/19 c7 DocCBM
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