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for Harry Potter retold in The Little Mermaid

9/29/2020 c5 James Birdsong
Good story obviously
7/11/2020 c4 Guest91
Nicely done
7/11/2020 c4 Lovetoreadbaby
Can’t wait for chapter 5
7/11/2020 c4 Blueberrycar
Very interesting
7/8/2020 c3 Guest91
Can’t wait for chapter 4
7/7/2020 c2 Lovetoreadbaby
what will happen next ? wonderful story keep up the great work
7/7/2020 c2 Blueberrycar
What a great story I love Harry and Ginny they and a the little mermaid is still my favorite child child movie so great combination for a story great job
7/6/2020 c2 Guest91
Looking forward to what happens next
7/5/2020 c1 Guest91
What a great start I’m looking forward to reading more great job

can’t wait to read the next chapter

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