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2/10 c3 The Disquieting One
the fact that Remnants do over relied on Aura & the premise of someone have a way to counter it is a lure enough for me. now that I've read it, this seems to be one of the more interesting fics out there when it comes to introduce a possibly neutral party in this tale of the Hunters vs the Witch. hopefully they stay neutral & kill enough people to cause severe domino effects within both sides. maybe they later develop some sort of device or poison/disease that nullified/shut down Semblances?
2/3 c3 4Bloodhunter101
Nice chapter! Can't wait for the next one and see, or read I suppose, Yang getting her ass handed to her! I hope you stay safe!
1/18 c1 Bloodhunter101
This seems good can't wait for the next chapter, if it ever comes that is.
7/6/2020 c1 1Etherious.Nat5u.Dragneel
Good job are you going to do this fic where the criminals (onyx) win because i’d prefer it that way i mean i just don’t like yang i kinda want to see them just wreck her knock her down a peg or 50

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