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for A Summer Accident

2h c4 GuestStar
Interesting. Interesting. Interesting. But what does it all mean? XD I hope you update this soon! I need to know more!
3h c4 PlakeBlacidLue
‘ two timid first years who were trying to walk to the front office’

rinpana, methinks?

‘ Maki reached for the last pepper, but Honoka snatched it’

Woah. Woah. Woah. hol’upaminute here. Honoka does not like peppers.
14h c4 5Dobromir
So not only Kotori is a spoiled brat. I wonder if Rin, Hanayo, and Eri will be like that as well. For now, it's time to confront NiNo.

We finally got to know the social position of most girls. I won't hide it, I like the role of Umi the most and I'm looking forward to her meetings with Honoka. It will be fun.

And Maki begins to care more and more about Honoka. So Sweet.
20h c4 1YoLO1992
every chapter feels like a cliffhanger! ehhhh! I need more chapters! wahhhhhh!
7/31 c3 5Dobromir
This scheme of headmaster Minami... I wonder if this is Kousakas familly terms, or Honks is importan in some way and Minami really can't do anything for now. Well, interesting plot point for sure.

I wonder if this show will be turning point in HonoKoto relationship. After all, for Kotori fashion is most important thinks in her live.

I am also interested in who You will introduce next and how will You do it.

And of course how will react Maki when she return and see that Honkers is not exclusive for her. Honoka still have two favor to pay her after all ;)

Again, Thanks You and good luck. This story is really intriguing .
7/30 c3 Guest
Things got interesting XD the tension between KotoHono
7/30 c3 LakePlacidBlue
Lol, asshole Minamis is entertaining. Also makes me intrigued to see how and if Maki reacts to whatever the hell’s going on, given that she’s already being pretty protective of Honoka and has shown to have a bit of an independent streak.
7/29 c3 Guest
What is the secret?
7/14 c2 Guest
This is an interesting AU! Looking forward to more _ (HonoMaki FTW)
7/13 c2 Dobromir
Maki as a "stalker" is funny. And introduction of Umi is interesting. I always thought about her as descendant of prominent family - maybe even aristocratic? Well, look like she's higher than Maki in hierarchy and I can't wait to see, how her relationship with Honoka will develop.

Oh and can't wait to introduction of Eri.

Thanks and good luck!
7/6 c1 Dobromir
Hi Risilence. It's nice to read another of Your story. The snobbish Kotori is an interesting idea and I can't wait to see if there will be more surprises with other characters.

Thanks and good luck!
7/6 c1 ManyDongs
I'm interested.
7/6 c1 DeltaP
Interesting story! I wonder whats going to happen :)

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