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5/3 c10 lazyguy90
God I can't wait to see what the Mayor's long term game is.
5/2 c7 azrael-rose
So… did Buffy give herself away last chapter? I mean, if she ticked off her own name, Giles is going to notice that someone used the ID of his “lost” Slayer… and either immediately conclude that something hinky is going on, or get annoyed enough to investigate further and then find out that something hinky is going on.
4/27 c10 Trom
A lot of your last lines in a story are usually hilarious. Nice.
I had a thought and I wonder if the Mayor is going do the whole accession thing but instead have Xander teleport him over to the other world where he can consume mass amounts of protein and then three days later return an ascended demon that can resume human form after his transformation. Talk about a long con.
Thanks for the read.
4/22 c10 OriginalLictre
The thought strikes me that the Mayor may have put the word out in the supernatural community that Xander and anyone who winds up jumping with him regularly are off-limits, or even possibly to be discretely protected.

It would keep the benefits he brings to Sunnydale rolling in, and the Mayor may have factored his predictably timed trips into his own long-range plans.
4/20 c10 7Riniko22
Thank you for the chapter, it is always a fun read. And, it is funny that I just pulled up to the B-52's Love Shack yesterday, so it was still on my mind.
4/18 c10 2Kaiya Azure
I wonder if they will ever need to armor or somehow camouflage the shack.
4/18 c10 21Joe Fenton
The bit with Faith at the end was the icing on the cake. :)
4/18 c10 2CMVreud
Sex and penguins. The new rome. I don't know how to translate it into olde latin, so I don't.
4/18 c10 2Tendragos
Hahahaha! This continues to be a good read, thanks for writing!
4/18 c10 14NarutosBrat
This is the second story where Xander traverses worlds, Buffy and Willow join him on his trips later, and the three end up kind of in a threeway thing. Is this going to become a pattern? If so, I look forward to it.
4/18 c10 badlander47
Sweet update! Can't wait for more.
4/18 c10 1Lt Juan Rico
Another brilliant chapter, I always enjoy your updates
4/18 c10 Bubblezmith
HAHA Nice... er Ice.
4/17 c10 36Jonn Wolfe
*snorfle!* HAH!

I've sat here, trying to figure out what to comment, but "The penguin fuckers!" stole my breath and everything.
4/17 c10 1SixFtWookie
I love this story, particularly the little hints as to the Mayor's real power base. Getting Faith in early will be fun too, should make for a fun scene when she meets Buffy.
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