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for Marvel's Spider-Woman

7/23 c2 WinterRain36
Please please let Mary Jane be twice as strong as Spider-Man!
I am pleading here! Pretty please with sugar on top? :)
7/16 c2 highlander348
Good story so far! I always loved Mary Jane in the comics and thought she was Peter's soul mate.
I hated the way Marvel broke up their marriage in the comics liked it never happened. What a copout!
Will they be paired as lovers in this story? Please say yes! I like Spider-Man having a partner/girlfriend next to him besides Miles.
I was curious about something. Is MJ stronger then Peter with her powers?
In nature the female spider is stronger and bigger then the male spider and it would be funny if Mary Jane could tease Peter over this. Hope you consider it.
7/16 c2 Luis
I prefer kid Arachne for miles. That name is great.
7/16 c2 Spidey
I prefer peter and mj just as friends. Not lover
7/15 c2 Guest
Personally, I like Kid Arachnid for Miles. Spy-D just sounds strange to me.
7/15 c2 2JPrime
Perfect way of introducing MJ to Peter. I still want the two paired by the way.
7/15 c2 28Soundwave1982
Cool second chapter keep up the good work
7/15 c2 2Rivet94
this was a great chapter and you made the right choice in how she starts out in the first place, good also her first interactions with Peter.
7/7 c1 2JPrime
Impressive, all you gotta do is pair Peter with MJ, and it'll all be good.
7/6 c1 28Soundwave1982
Cool I can’t wait to see what happens next p ppl ease keep up the good work
7/6 c1 2Rivet94
i may not be interested in the 2017 series, but a well written spider-MJ fic immediately gets a follow from me. if it ends up Peter/MJ too we have truly hit the jackpot here, interesting choices with the parents and mixing some of the newest adaptations
7/6 c1 Leviathan117
Great story so far. I’m interested to see where this goes.

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