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7/22 c1 may lee
ten sateen dresses out of ten
7/7 c1 36RobertCop3

I remember in a review of Aftershocks, I said the main reason your King-verse needed more Mai is not because there wasn't enough, but because you balance the facets of her personality well. Careful what I wish for, eh? ( ;

But seriously, this is what I've always striven for in my own writing. The KoF game timeline paints this woman as a vapid airhead who teases her self-proclaimed fiance with baby illusions, and in the 1999 Fatal Fury team ending she chases him like he's a goddamn roadrunner (and then there was that one game where she starts the fight in a wedding dress). I've always tried to look past the tits and ass, and paint Mai as an actual human being, complete with the full spectrum of everything that makes us human. So it's great to see someone else do it, and you did her justice.

She is there for her friend in her time of need, and even though it's Mai's POV, the trauma King is going through is not downplayed. King's behavior feels so real for someone in her situation, and Mai is not some vapid ninny. She understands everything that is happening, and it's tearing her apart. She founded a FIGHTING TEAM with this woman, she knows how strong and confident King is, and to see her stripped of that, and all the little ways her friend just looks so broken... it's heartbreaking. You keep it raw, and visceral, but still, true to the characters.

And then what happened after Mai uses her fire to help her friend was just the icing. This is what I've always striven for in my writing. Yes, Mai's got a body any woman would kill for, but she's still a human being. As frail and as vulnerable as we all are. That last sentence... at the end of the day, my smut fics aside, THAT is the Mai that will always be more compelling than the "kunoichi sexpot."

You didn't pull punches with this one (even leaving in the bit about the boots). And that makes it mighty. Well done!
7/7 c1 iwewia
Another display of how important human connection is for someone dealing with trauma. To think that King could have just used a lighter to do this herself but Mai's flames aren't just a fighting technique - those flame are metaphorically purifying the shame King feels, they are the warmth that's needed, they have meaning for they come from a dear friend.

Having these three together in your works always brings a certain feeling of nostalgia due to them being a team. King's support squad is bigger than it seems.

Now, I don't know if the thing got lost in translation inside my brain but yeah, I didn't catch it this time. Always thankful for the notes, however! Stay safe!~
7/6 c1 131jojoDO
I see you're polishing that red lightsaber some more lol. You truly are attuned to the Dark Side of writing. xD

This was... exactly what you wanted it to be. Grim, unsettling, gnarly as F. Them boots, man... ughhhhhhh. Nearly lost my lunch. I will say one thing tho; it was incredibly satisfying to read Mai turning all those things to a pile of ash. It's a huge step forward for King, burning those horrid memories, so King never has to look at these things long-term and be scarred by them. They're ash now. Gone from existence. It doesn't erase what happened, but it's a heck of a start.

What I really want to drive home in this review is that you gave Mai the spotlight, and I really like that, because Mai rarely gets those in your universe. You know, we get Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy episodes... but it feels like a rarity to get the "Mai Episode". That's what this was, and I'm glad she was able to have this moment to shine, and really help King on the first step to her recovery, by literally burning the past.

Excellent work here, Illy. Quality angst.

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