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for Red Dragon Archfiend (En)

2h c27 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Really love reading this story. Looking forward to reading more.
5h c18 Axccel
Shadow Clones are the greatest thing ever. Even better than sliced bread.

Xenovia always pissed me off. She's someone who read the Bible and decided to do the opposite of what it said yet calls herself Christian anyway. And her weak belief in the ideals she claims to follow is instantly revealed when she hears God is dead. Also, If I remember correctly, wasn't God not dead but acting as a seal?
7h c16 Axccel
Poor guy. Ophis just had to go poking around.
7h c15 Axccel
Kuroka is best gurl. She's a sweetie and a hottie at the same time.
7h c27 daoist 832572
8h c12 Axccel
Nasuverse's Gaia is, I think, the best approach to senjutsu. Would that then result in Beasts of Gaia existing?

Issei's comment about explosions is completely true and I whole-heartedly approve. Sasori wouldn't know art if it blew him apart.
9h c10 Axccel
Ehhh, the only thing that matters is their teaching and ideas when growing up is definitely not true. It makes a significant difference but everyone is born with traits and leanings that strongly affect how their nurture affects their growth. In the case of a yokai, saying that the race doesn't matter is incredibly dumb. It's basically "Oh, you're a species that tricks human children to steal them away to a terrible fate, but it's not you're fault you were born that way and I'm sure you're a perfectly good per-what are you doing with that toddler?"

And what's up with writers constantly putting nonsense in like "You came to see if I'm a threat and eliminate me if I am"? Why the Hell would writers believe anyone thinks like that? No one is going to be seeing if you're a threat after you save them or their people and after you show you're extremely dangerous they sure as shit aren't going to try to make you their enemy. Imagine you're in a characters' shoes and some powerful main character saved your village. You walk up to him to talk to him alone and he says "You must be here to see if I'm a threat to your village and to kill me if I am." Would you be like "Yeah, sorry but I have responsibilities" or would you be like "Dude, are you retarded? Why would you say that?"
9h c9 Axccel
A broadsword IS a one-handed weapon, also called an arming sword.

About what Mr. Retard Cao Cao Cray Cray said, "They control it" no, the angels quite blatantly don't do anything even when they probably should step in.

"Ordering massacres" ask what he means and he'll draw a blank as there isn't anything.

The power of morons who never think "Why do I believe this?" or who do, realize they have no reason to believe it, and then shrug and go about following it anyway because it makes them feel special.

At least you gave them a better reason to be dumbasses than canon, yet still left enough stupidity to make them just as dumbass.
9h c27 3Storylover213
Nice chapter though its Xenovia not Zenovia.
9h c27 Guest
hola genial actualizaste el lemon fue bueno y los padres yodou creo que esos son sus nombre los escuche en otro fic ya y sobre las chicas ya sabes mi voto Tamamo chan claro bueno nos hablamos despues cuidate dtb
12h c5 Axccel
Fun fact: In the Bible, Jesus and Lucifer (before his fall) are both referred to as the morning star because it’s not a title or something merely a poetic way to describe them as bright lights. I assume the misunderstanding in popular culture comes from Lucifer’s name as shining one and his symbol being a star over a crescent.
12h c4 Axccel
Purified the world’s corrupted energy there? That makes no sense. Not only because it would make Koneko go insane if she tried senjutsu outside of Kuoh’s area but also because the entire basis of the original story saying natural energy is corrupted was nonsensical bull only someone who’s never left civilization could think of. Or someone who idiotically equated “human territory” to “lack of nature” as though all the wilderness within human territory (and farms for that matter) don’t count as alive or something.

We don’t live in an ecumenopolis. Almost the entirety of Earth has no human presence and the areas that do are largely homes and such built amongst the brush and trees.

The better explanation for senjutsu’s dangers is that nature is simply violent and feral. I mean for crying out loud just look at it, nature is a bloodbath and even the plants choke each other out or feed off each other like vampires.
13h c27 holosagewolf32
More please! Also i forget is ophis in his harem or issei’s or neither?
14h c27 superpierce
you kept putting a z in at the beginning of Xenovia's name not an x also why did you keep calling the girl's swimsuits costumes?
15h c27 9Sultan Asil Arslan
Don't know why but the MC really reminds me of Constantine. So how long until he gets to bitch slap Michael and what does Sirzechs want now?
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