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for Painting Room Disaster

7/7 c1 sararosemason2008
This gave me the warm and fuzzies in a time I need it the most!My maternal grandmother is dying of Type 2 Diabetes and Lung Cancer to name a few of her conditions and this story helps to distract me from the phone call I'm expecting to get saying she has died!When I was 8(a month away from turning 9)September of 1996,my Papaw gave me my 1st dog,a mutt named Rags!She was white,brown,and black with really wavy,soft reminds me of those times with her!Papaw died the next year in September of 1997,and it STILL HURTS,almost 23 years later,TO THIS DAY!She didn't live with us too much longer after we moved from OH to NC,a 12 to 14 hour car ride,she ran away! I still think about both of them whenever something good happens to my life,especially getting new animals,but on the bad days I try really,really hard to remember the good times with both of them!Anyway,what a good "escapist"piece of creative writing in these crazy times!Keep up the good writing!

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