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great fic, I had forgotten this movie it was one of my 3 favorites horror movies growing up (what I was allowed to see at the time) thanks for this blast from the past, please update the rest.
3/13 c2 Stratos263
Good job on the chapter
2/17 c2 StrongGuy159
Cool 2 chapters continue with Tremors & bring Raven & Vernal in the Back Row please.
2/11 c2 1hunterpearson2000
can you do how to train your dragon?
2/10 c2 Guest
Dawn of the Dead -2004
Land of the Dead-2005
2/8 c1 Rekyuu
brooooooo it just hit me about the chainsword- is this fking hack roots/ games? or i'm really tripping? if it is amazing! if it isn't also it's amazing.
2/7 c2 Guest
To- Feb 4 c2 Guest DCDGojira
Dude don’t be an asshole.
2/5 c2 Kaiser The Challenger
Keep up the good work
2/4 c2 Guest DCDGojira
"Right now taking a break for a few days of writing to work on my games and such and then I will continue to finish the Tremors movie reaction."
To author
You might as well just give up on your stupid games if you haven't finished them after graduating college in a while. LOL
In fact, you should just give up writing bad stories and focus on your unfinished games if you actually went to college to make these games that haven't been finished in more than 5 years~! LMAO
1/30 c1 Tallno
We are wolves breakpoint ghost recon trailer is one of the best things not ever done same with Wildlands ghost recon world reveal trailer. If you want obscure Rwby Dark is a great fan vid
1/30 c1 Skpunk
Rwby Adalna and Florence's vids on youtube pretty great normally they are not done.
1/30 c2 Guest
Awesome, you know I saw your ideas of the different worlds that you will use and I love seeing the Mummy movie in the selection.

You know, I'd like to suggest these characters in the lead roles:
-Sun Wukong as Rick O'Connell
-Weiss Schnee as Evelyn Carnahan
(imagine the reactions of the public when they see them together)
-Whitley Schnee as Jonathan Carnahan
-Adam Taurus as Ardeth Bay

Have you thought about using Hellboy (2004)?
These would be my expected roles:
-Adam Taurus as Hellboy.
-Ruby Rose as Liz Sherman
-Jaune Arc as John Myers
-Lie Ren as Abe Sapien
-Nicholas Schnee (yes, Weiss's grandfather) as Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm.
-Jacques Géle/Schnee as Tom Manning.
-Ozma as Grigori Rasputin
-Salem as Ilsa Haupstein
And Tyrian Callows as Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.
1/30 c2 Remnant23

Tremors, now that I think about it, I don't remember any reaction fanfic that used that movie, spectacular, I'm looking forward to the second part!

And I would also like to suggest some ideas:
1- Pumpkinhead 1.- Starring Taiyang Xiao Long (And Salem as the witch that summons Pumpkinhead).
2.- Jeepers Creepers 1.- Starring Qrow Branwen and Raven Branwen.
3.- Judge Dredd (1995) starring James Ironwood and Summer Rose (imagine the reactions when they see that couple. XD)
4.- Well also some comedy and parody:
Tomska's videos (from Youtube) starring teams RWBY and JNPR
1/30 c2 Saito
Do cardfight vanguard or yugioh
1/29 c2 OldGlory
Ah I haven't seen anyone ever do tremors for a rwby react and I love it! And ya hearing about Fred Ward passing was sad too. And honestly it would have been funny to have Burt be played by Ironwood instead and Goodwitch playing Heather. But that aside I can't wait for more!
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