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for Evangelion Reduild Infinity

7/20 c1 Lord Destroyer
I’ve seen both chapters, and while the premise seems interesting, the execution is not good. Your story, dialogue wise, is in script format, and that is not allowed. Look at other stories with non script format, and change how your story is written. Stories by ReiSnatcher, Wushu, or gunman to name a few would be a good start.

That said, why is Ironman and Tony Stark separate characters? They have always been one person. Tony wears the suit to become Ironman, in fact he is Ironman. You can’t go against established lore like the way you did and not expect any backlash.
7/21 c2 16StraightedgeEpyon
Now I want to see Rei's part. And you still have yet to fix the title
7/20 c1 KySocceRref
You have my attention.
7/14 c1 5Blitzstrahl
What the hell is this format?

Why do you keep changing Ritsuko's, Maya's and Mari's gender?

Your not capitalizing peoples names, consistently.
7/7 c1 16StraightedgeEpyon
Finally! A story worth reading

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