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for adventure time swap AU

7/26 c10 Question
Are all the characters in both world are the same souls but they are put in different bodies and live life like that if so why only
finn and phoebe race/family the only ones who swap lives

why not PB be a musical genius gum girl aka gumceline or bubbles and marcy would be the hot goth vampire scientist who doesn’t care about anything but science and be a princess in the daylight called princess vampire or marcabell or something and taking care of dead bodies or something or frankstein creations if she is a crazy scientist and jake being one of her creations who she offers to the prince as a body guard and jake would be a dead dog but thx to alien technology and dna is now a knight of flame king finn (blue alien or brown jake to tribute cb role) and cb being the son of the legendary golden cookie hero’s joshwa and Margaret and his brother jerome carry the cookie legacy well jerome is now cb little sister who wants to be a journalist or something (idk what’s the opposite of art so news anchor it is) and jerome is a baby dog created by goth girl scientist marcy as a way to be reminded of her good old servents also peppermint is now a tall Skelton man who has heavenly powers instead of dark magic and the rest of the candy is horror tale creatures also why doesn’t lemon grab be the space prince so lumpy grab and lsp be ldp aka lemon dessert princess and uncle bubble gum being the ice king and would be the equivalent of uncle gumball well he was a human scientist that turned into ice man and made his love lolly leave him and spends his days in the apocalypse and found groove gum and travel with her and fight the apocalypse but fail and Become a crazy perverted ice man and as for marcy she makes her own family which is uncle Simon and aunt Betty as vampires and their son is Marshall lee and as since groovy bubblegum has marcy parents but marcy dead was human and died and marcy mom is the heaven leader after her father hercules Retired and now she wants her daughter to take over the business and bubbles didn’t want to as she wants to the biggest star but also want his mothers approve her work and get that mother love
Now to huntress wizard is now bandit wizard she steals and use magic to get what she wants and bandit princess is now huntress princess is a princess with the help of her hunter kingdom protect the forest within there land and use the power of nature to balance the world and defeat evil and for the lich he gets replaced by Golb a wild creature wanting to destroy anything in his way but thx to his verses being swapped death is now a deadly baby who wishes to see everyone dead and make the world be in darkness and life and death change lives and the son is the fox spirit and the fox has their son sprit so emo fox also magic man swaps with his wife and Abe swaps with that red guy and that’s it

That’s all I got but honestly wish you did more than those 2 dude
7/24 c10 Please no harems
I just want 2 people in a relationship we seen enough of harem fics in other AT please don’t

I think it’s just a progressive one like flame finn would be king and hang out with flame phoebe as they are both in the same castle working together and growing while human pheebs get jealous and hang out with the human one and don’t make it romantic yet just let them some fun with the human duo fighting monsters and get attracted to eachother by watching each other fight monsters or see them show how kind they are and helping people and have the flame people and learning new fire powers but seriously no harmes I had enough of that
4/24 c9 Wow man
Oh this was great man like the drama with Hp being jealous of fp and ff but it is weird hf is not jealous as finn hasn’t moved on or mature from fp yet he would be jealous of his flame counterpart like he was with cb (he should get more lines) but I love the battle and ff telling how his life is different then fp of having a great childhood of being free then being stuck in a lamp and I love how he beat flame king though I wish he talked to him more and why did he become king when he clearly knew it was fp kingdom he would have refused and just gave it back also Minerva is so op and love her moments with ff hope we get some family moments with her and finn the human and even pb is into her and I hope you don’t make it a ship as marcy is still alone and both Finn’s would not be happy with pb for going after their mom billion olds or not she was Finn’s friend and going for you’re friends mom is a low blow man and that’s it also show the grass arm more but I can’t wait for more
10/1/2021 c4 The Book of Eli
Aww this was cute...
9/30/2021 c2 The Book of Eli
Interesting start...
8/2/2021 c8 1Raise257
I barely finished reading it! *Takes a deep breath* That was indeed long... the best part was when the "Finns" met for the first time.

7/12/2021 c7 Raise257
For the original and au characters to meet each other is already awesome enough... I just hope everyone else agrees with me. Btw, sorry I haven't been talking a lot; I've had things to do and think about.

2/15/2021 c6 Raise257
This was a perfect timing to add this chapter! You're a genius!...oh shoot! I just remembered that I just posted a shipping chapter yesterday, while it was still valentine day XD.

By the way, the chapter was amazing! Can't wait to see where this goes :)

2/15/2021 c4 Raise257
This was really good approach
1/24/2021 c2 Raise257
I-I never really thought it would be this interesting...You're so lucky being one of the first people to write this.

1/24/2021 c5 Flinn4ever
Update please also this is a great fanfic i barely see stuff like this! It's wonderful! Good luck ;)
7/17/2020 c2 2Raptorteam
Stylistically, spaces before and after quotes could do some justice, along with comma usage.
Is Marie based on anyone in the show or is she OC?
7/10/2020 c1 3LasciDarkBlueUniverse
is good idea!
7/8/2020 c1 2Raptorteam
Start on Finn? I kind of want to see who Minerva is this AU, ruler of the Fire Kingdom?

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