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for Raising an Alien

9/26 c8 seplanet
I love these little stories.
9/22 c8 2Apfane Chan
aww that was so precious :) cuuuuute
9/17 c7 distanceincrowdedrooms
Aww thanks! Love the part about Jonathan's change in perspective. It really adds to his character development of becoming more fatherly to Clark!
9/12 c7 Gary
I enjoy this it is refreshing and cute
9/10 c7 Apfane Chan
hard to imagine that it will take them nearly ten years to understand the source of that. and something that was always weirdwhat could Lana think about her neighbourg being sick around her ?
9/5 c6 Gwen
Please write more! Little Clark is so cute and seeing Martha and Jonathan adapt to parenthood is so sweet.
8/11 c6 9Stevonnie-U
Jonathan Kent, I know you're scared, but you have the tact of a garbage disposal!
8/11 c6 AmeliaEarheart123
Hi, I’d like another chapter! I think this story is really good, and I’d like to see more of it!
8/10 c6 distanceincrowdedrooms
Aww ! It's so sad that Johnathan had to tell Clark about all the bad things that could happen. And yes, you are prob the only person writing about baby Clark! I do want to see another chapter! (Maybe the first time baby Clark is exposed to kryptonite? Or the first time baby Clark uses his powers to save his parents)
8/3 c5 Stevonnie-U
Oooooh boy...
7/28 c4 Stevonnie-U
Jonathan, you just became a dad.
7/20 c2 2BekaRoo
Too cute
7/18 c2 Guest
Oh this is great! I love Jonathan’s hesitation at first. Of course he wants to be practical about it all. But then he melts like a dad with a puppy he said he didn’t want. Thanks for sharing!
7/8 c1 13Cyclops is Right
Aa verg cute so far!

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