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for A Famous Illusion

7h c4 Hetwaszoietsals
Love it! Can't wait for more chapters!
8/7 c5 Tingtorn78
Oh boy! I’m glad Korsak talked her down. I’m really looking forward to what happens here
8/7 c5 Guest
First, I would like to say I’m happy that you are recovering and doing better. That had to be a scary ordeal. I’m glad you are back now. I really enjoy this story and I’m curious how the limelight is going to impact Jane’s career. Celebrities tend to have stalkers who romanticize non-existent relationships so I’m curious if Jane might have an unfortunate encounter or not.
8/7 c5 Louise Hess
Glad you are feeling better...
Enjoying this story - thanks for sharing it
7/30 c4 Happy days
Thanks for the update. Missed this story and will be glad when you co’e back of course. But stay safe and I wish you the best recovery.
7/27 c4 carooleemt
I hope your illness isn’t serious. A good thought to you for rapid recovery and no after effects.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of your story upon your recovery. Best wishes.
7/23 c4 SecretConfessions84
Looking forward to the next chapter, but take care of yourself first.
7/23 c4 Louise Hess
Another great chapter - - will patiently wait for more. Thank you for sharing
7/23 c4 Tingtorn78
That was so cute, Jane’s fangirl moment. Oh boy! This is what Maura was trying to avoid... I’m dying to see how Jane handles it.
7/22 c4 Guest
Brilliant read
7/22 c4 Barbie7088
Sorry you are not feeling well. I will be praying. This story is so amazingly awesome. Can't get enough
7/22 c4 gbpacker
Take care of yourself and feel better soon.
7/22 c4 sally rally
I am so sorry you're sick. Don't give up. I've been sick for twenty four years. Beat death a few times. This is my enjoyment, reading about love that won't happen for me. I believe Jane and Maura belong together. And I'm enjoying this. Dang cameras.
7/22 c3 Richie
This was intense and emotional! I’m so looking forward to see what’s going to happen next :)
7/18 c3 Guest
Good chapter a shame it wasn’t a longer one but good read
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