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for What If Mary Jane Watson Became Spider-Girl?

7/28 c9 Guest
cheese dialogue at certain points, but good story line
7/28 c9 coki13566
a lovely mini-series, good work
7/27 c9 20jettmanas
Good action and save by MJ, then Liz's reaction. Also JJ getting busted. Nice summary of what happened to people, and the business of the Bugle!
edits: unnatural appendage
shot forward

I liked Peter's points on all the good MJ's done, and how it wasn't her fault w/Liz. Fun story!
7/27 c1 2Rivet94
short but enjoyable
7/27 c9 24Boris Yeltsin
Great ending, unless there's more planned for this.
7/25 c8 20jettmanas
Good scene at the lab, w/a cure, and Peter quick to act. Nice descriptions of poor MJ taking a beating.

edit: Liz up (there),"

Quite the development for Liz going to crime next. Also, Peter's concern for MJ and seeing the truth. I liked the teamwork of him giving her the serum. Solid work.
7/25 c8 24Boris Yeltsin
More fine work. Hope Liz is mostly intact at the end.
7/23 c7 WinterRain36
Good story so far!
I had two questions for you that I hope you can answer please! Will Peter and MJ get together and will Peter develop some type of super powers eventually? It doesn’t have to be spider powers but perhaps something different. That would certainly be a nice and refreshing twist for Peter from canon having different powers to cope with. Please consider it if you can.
Thank you! :)
7/22 c7 Boris Yeltsin
Great work. Poor Liz.
7/22 c7 coki13566
Peter could try to seduce Liz to stop her, hahahaha.
7/22 c7 20jettmanas
Good concern from MJ on finding Liz, including her plan. Solid scene w/Jameson, then the surprise attack. What a difficult situation for MJ.

edit finds:
on the building.(heard) of me,
(yelped) in pain,

Well done w/Stillwell's discovery, and keeping Pete and Cobbwell invested in the story.
7/19 c6 jettmanas
Great writing of troubled Liz and the horrible JJ. Nice mention of poor Betty, working for him. Wow, he actually suggested that to a high school girl. JJ's really twisted here. Solid scene w/a nervous Stillwell, then the details of the suit & change. Good cliffhanger.
7/19 c6 24Boris Yeltsin
Referencing the 90's Spider-Man animated series, are we?
7/17 c5 20jettmanas
Good descriptions of MJ's predicament. I liked her deciding to use the air ducts. What a discovery and alliance from Tinkerer. Quite the plan for Peter, w/the threat. Nice action and dialogue, including Peter's verbal assist and the close call. Fun dialogue after. And his thought on MJ and Spider-Girl. Seems there's more to come!
7/17 c5 24Boris Yeltsin
Loving it.
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