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for The Infinite Rebellion

9/14 c2 Atazs
Why is it that the best written stories around here are always abandoned after a few chapters
8/5 c2 1Starpottergeek
keep up the good work
8/2 c2 Jctherebel
Awesome story, can’t wait to see how it goes
7/28 c2 highlander348
Great story so far and a promising start! I always liked Halo and Star Wars stories and there are not that many on this site to begin with.
I had some questions about the Infinity's weapons systems and the soldiers of the UNSC if you kindly have the time. How many Mac cannons does it have? Are they super Macs like the Orbital ones above Reach were? I mean the same fire power and yield.
Does the Infinity have any directed energy weapons like a energy projector? That is something the UNSC could have reverse engineered from the Covenant as they did capture some enemy ships in the war as proven in canon. Particle cannons and point defense laser batteries should certainly be possible by now and should be standard on most UNSC ships.
One example of the UNSC's ingenuity is the shields of the Infinity are reverse engineered from Forerunner technology making them much stronger then their Covenant counterpart.
Do the marines and ODSt's have personal energy shields like the Elites now? Rail guns perhaps? Hope I didn't ask to many questions. Lol
7/28 c2 9RustedThunder
Next is first contact? Great! So long as the Elites can refrain from spouting "Your destruction is the will of the Gods..." That old classic, I'm sure everything will be fine...ish.
7/27 c2 battlecruiser03
Interesting means to set things up, I hope we get to see the UNSC/Swords of Sanghelios take down a wampa.
7/27 c2 Cooldude101011
Very nice. Confusion will rein next chapter
7/27 c2 Strike Wyvern
welll... talk about the Calm before the Storm, I like the Built-up also nice to see the Swords are in this too did not expect a Female Elite so that's a nice surprise, cant wait till the confrontations comes. :D
7/27 c2 Granet
I'll admit I didnt have too much confidence when ready the first chapter, but this second chapter of yours certainly is changing my tune. While some may be disgruntled with slow pace stories. It does add more too it and the world. So now I'm cautiously optimistic. I'll watch your story with great interest.
7/27 c2 1Blaze501st
Nice chapter. can't wait for the next one. was wondering if u wanted some OCs to round out the UNSC people.
7/22 c1 Blaze501st
nice. i always enjoy a Halo SW fic. can't really give too much of an Opinion based on such a small sample size but I look forward to reading more
7/20 c1 battlecruiser03
interesting, I'll see where this goes.
7/14 c1 Guest
Me parece una porqueria alargada y sin sentido
7/13 c1 Guest
Good job
7/9 c1 Desiderimuis
Please continue! Not many stories have this good of writing recently, I'm glad to see another up.
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