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9/21 c33 4justagirlfromcali
I loved it! It was beautiful ️ This was a great read, and I’m definitely keeping this one under my favorites and I’ll let you know when I get around to watching Reign. And go back and see this story in a different light! Thanks for writing as always ️️
9/20 c32 elder441
I am so happy Sean was greeted with warmth. It also appears that Lola may find a husband and Jean a good step Dad. I do hope that Mary and Francis can have a child of their own before this ends.
9/20 c32 justagirlfromcali
I’m so glad they made it back safe and sound. And I can’t wait to see more of the story unfold in shawn’s eyes.
9/19 c31 justagirlfromcali
That was badass. I liked Mary’s manip tactic to scare off her enemy. And it worked like a charm. Francis added to the cuteness factor: Francis like “that’s my wifey!” Yeah I definitely would love to see a sequel to this story. Thanks for updating as always 3
9/19 c31 elder441
LOL, what a clever boy he is !
9/18 c30 elder441
I feel for the poor ten year old. I do hope that the three get back to their time. I also hope that they are able to get used to living in a very non modern world. I will be a huge adjustment for Sean. Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/18 c30 justagirlfromcali
Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw. I was really hoping chris would make it too. The three of them have to get back now and quick! This was a really emotional chapter. I wonder if you’ll write an epilogue. Or a sequel perhaps? How would Shawn adjust to Mary and Francis’s time period? I’m curious now. Or you gonna kill him off too? Ahhh fuck, I need to know. Great writing as always.
9/17 c29 justagirlfromcali
I totally thought you were gonna add them running into the weirdos of Walmart lmao. I loved the fake snowball fight, clever and cute writing. The beginning with chris getting a text about Nathan was rough. But I’m glad the group decided to make at least one good memory that night. Thanks for taking the time to write as always.
9/17 c29 elder441
I am so glad they had a cheerful moment, but concerned that the kings will catch up to them if they don't hightail it out of there.
9/16 c28 justagirlfromcali
Wow. That was depressing. I cry for Snow and Nathan. I’d like to think there’d be another way out for the poor dude but I don’t think taking himself out is great either. That breaks my heart. I hope that our remaining heroes find some justice in all this and like you said a little time to kick it and find some way to relieve the tension with a bit of humor. And I gotta say I really enjoyed the OC’s a lot more than I thought. I mean, the Mary and Francis couple are great, being stuck in a future time period. I remember I shipped Mary and Seb in the beginning when I started the show a couple years ago. One of these days I’ll go watch it thoroughly. I definitely enjoyed the gorgeous costume design. Lol. Anyway short and sweet, I loved it. Thanks for updating! :)
9/16 c28 elder441
Poor Nathan, but he is a hero.
9/15 c27 elder441
I really hope that it works !
9/15 c27 justagirlfromcali
I wasn’t expecting that. That’s terrifying. How can you leave everything at a cliff hanger?! I actually loved the introduction of the Snow character, it sounds like she comes from a broken home. I hope everyone’s able to make it out alive and keep running; if it’s not too much to ask id like to see more lighthearted funny situations to deter the darkness of this fic. Anyway I loved it. Thanks for taking time out of your day to write!
9/14 c26 justagirlfromcali
I wonder if they’re gonna stumble through any obstacles getting to Chicago; that’ll be fun to read. Thanks for updating.
9/14 c26 elder441
Yes !
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