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for Sins of a Galactic Empire: Bounty Hunter

7/17 c1 Mex.G.ambit
I wanna see Satine’s reaction to this
7/17 c1 Ghostly
Will this spin-off be connected to the main story? I would like to see mandalorians fighting alongside the UNSC against the would be galactic empire.
7/15 c1 3WritofUnions
This is what I want to see, how the two galaxies meeting impacts the people of both. Please, keep this up!
7/13 c1 5wrecker159753
i love this id love to see it become a full story or maybe some more off shoots
7/13 c1 Shadow Walker of Fire
Nice starting chapter.
7/8 c1 Cooldude101011
Very interesting. Keep it up and I hope the next chapter comes out sooner that within two months. Maybe next month? But I don’t know and you can take you’re time
7/8 c1 8Robo Reader 21
Intriguing, I admit. But didn’t feel like you really sold it to the Mandoes.

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