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7/1/2021 c1 Pam11
I have to admit I almost stopped reading this. I hate death related stories. I was actually listening to this story and I kept thinking I’ll give it a few more minutes and I couldn’t stop listening.

Then I realized he wasn’t dead and I was so happy. You had me in tears smiling with joy and sad because I really wanted him to walk back into the office and surprise all of them.

I liked your ending however can you possibly add the reunion with everyone else. Please continue writing you are definitely gifted writer.
7/15/2020 c1 69zeilfanaat
Okay, I've been mentally preparing for some heartache before sitting down to read this story. I think I'm ready. ;-)

True, as sad as it had been to lose Dom, they hadn't yet reached a fully developed connection. Losing Callen...well, that is bound to have a bigger impact, leave a larger hole.
I almost expected Hetty to add "Son" there to her toast. Ah, of course Sam adds 'family'. Callen was his brother.
Yes, they certainly will have learnt from him/been influenced by him. Glad Hetty's not planning to rush them into finding someone else on the team.
Hehe, not surprised that Callen taught Sam to be more flexible. :-) Definitely the flying-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy. ;-)
Hmm, Deeks keeping an eye on Kensi, probably more worried about her and how she's impacted with losing her 'big brother'/mentor, than about his own loss. Yup, exactly.
Ah, yes, 'Martin' would have sounded more formal than 'Deeks'.
Hmm, interesting that Callen taught Deeks how it should feel to be part of a team. But then, Callen would have understood best where Deeks came from; what it was like to only be able to trust yourself as back-up. Glad Deeks felt that support from Callen as his team leader.
Oh, I like that observation - about Callen being able to be both sides of the coin.
Aw, Kensi's not ready yet. Let's see who's up next then.
Ah, Eric. Hehe, better to ask for forgiveness than permission, huh? Especially when it comes to saving the world. Heehee, see, Hetty agrees. (I'm guessing it was a lesson he learnt at a rather young age.)
Of course Nell would not need a prompt. Love that he helped her learn martial arts and found instructors to teach her. Definitely liking this brother/sister relationship. Ah, and that he and Hetty (kind of) talked about it.
Sacrifice, huh? Interesting. Let me think about that. Why sacrifice? Okay, nothing really coming to mind, except... did Callen die to save Kensi? Anyway, reading on. Hmm, Hetty says Kensi's wrong. Is this a feeling of guilt talking then?
Ah, looks like I was right about Callen dying to save Kensi... and child (I'd actually been wondering if she might be pregnant, even if there was absolutely no indication of it earlier in the story. I'm blaming the instincts to look for those kind of signs in TLOHFF. ;-))
Hmm, okay, so a small vault saved Kensi's life. Aw, so they'd only just found out Kensi was pregnant. Ah, yes, the oxygen could have been a problem. Would have been a problem apparently.
Hmm, Callen had just found...what? Love himself?
True, Callen certainly knew about having to make the best of a situation.
Good question, Nell. Faith, huh? Interesting, the 'our past does not define our future', since Callen has always looked for his past. He may not have let his past define him, but in a way, his search for his past has been somewhat of an influence. But yes, once Callen chooses a course of action, he's not likely to start second-guessing himself. Even if he'll adapt quickly if later on, a different course of action becomes the better choice. He's quite good at letting go (of most things).
Definitely a good thing Hetty stepped in. True, of the two of them, Hetty's definitely the one to struggle with regret.
Great toast, Sam. (Hmm, we're definitely not at the end of the story yet... so this is about the time where that niggling doubt about whether Callen's truly dead pops up again. I've been stomping it down since reading the last line of the summary. Well, and the title, but that still could have gone either way. Guess I'll see what happens.)

Ah, that's the funeral done then.
Aha, there you are! And Hetty knew, apparently. I'd been wondering why she didn't seem to be more affected.
Hmm, hurt for him? Was someone after Callen again, aiming for his friends/family? Ah, just finding happiness - so he did find love?
Wait, what god-daughter? Hetty has a god-daughter? ...Is she Callen's love? Hmm, and she has to run. No indication that Callen would be going with her though.
Hmm, the Comescu family again or Janvier perhaps? Janvier seems more the type of using those close to Callen to hurt him.
What box? And apparently, the god-daughter's not into the same business as them, or Hetty would probably not have worried so much about her not having anyone.
Hmm, Callen's promising she'll know how to find Hetty if she needs her. So maybe he will be looking after her after all... Ah, yes, for Hetty to be unable to find her (and him, I guess) would be very difficult.
Aw, so the god-daughter was indeed the one he loves. Hehe, looks like Hetty's putting the 'no regrets' lesson into practice. Glad Callen found that happiness, even if it was only for half a year.
Ah, looking more and more likely that Janvier's the threat. And, he's gone.

Finally over. The enemy's been taking care of? And Sam's been aware of the whole thing too? Or just part of it?
Oh good, there's some justice in Kensi being the one to take care of it. Ah, looks like it was just Hetty in on just who this enemy was. Hmm, 'someone else would've had the job'... I suppose that would've made it more Comescu-type-enemy although I guess it could have been another enemy.
Ah, Hetty's going to retire now that this has been taken care of. Hmm, she's been prepared for this... I wonder who she plans to have as her replacement. The idea that it's Callen would make sense in a way, except that the team will never know what this particular enemy had cost them years ago. And if Callen would show up alive again, the link would be easily made. So, not Callen. Nell perhaps?
Aw, glad the team pulled through. And Donnie G(regory) - glad he's been a bright spot. Haha, and that his smile and mischievousness reminds them of Callen.
Hehe, Sam looking sceptical at Hetty's suggestion for a long weekend is not surprising. When Hetty starts being lenient, it's time for suspicion to set in.
Hmm, and Sam's catching on that there was more to this case than they've been told. And Hetty's non-answer answer. Very Hetty.
Haha, a tootsie pop, of course. (Just hope that, as a sign, Sam never accidentally left a tootsie pop.)

Last day in the office. Hetty, whatever you do next, don't immediately go for a sailing trip, because I think that will be taken as a sign that you're in trouble, and the team will bring you back.
Hmm, an e-mail. Guessing Callen found the tootsie pop. Wow, and Nell can't track it? That's impressive. Hehe, Sam appearing out of nowhere - definitely a change for Hetty, and no doubt disconcerting.
New Zealand, huh? Guessing she'll find her god-daughter and 'son' there.
Aw, Sam doesn't want to let Hetty walk into a potential trap. Well, I guess Sam's going to find out his brother's been alive after all then.

Hetty spots a cottage. Hehe, a dog, a child (guessing not much older than two/two and a half)... And there's the god-daughter. :-)
Guess Sam does need to be told now. I'm kind of expecting Callen to suddenly appear behind them now.
Heehee, he does. Wow, and Sam's pointing his gun. Granted, he hasn't known about the possibility of Callen being alive, so pointing his gun would be the wisest course of action.
Haha, 'I do need to breathe'. Love that. Love how Hetty is almost afraid to believe it.
Ah, the box brought her to him. That makes sense. And it being the only way to be sure she was protected enough, because she'd be with him makes sense too.
Love that the banter between Sam and Callen just picks up as if it was never gone.
Hehe, definitely a good retirement plan. :-)
Great emotional story. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.
7/11/2020 c1 6ssl71
What an amazing story for G. You captured every team member’s emotions perfectly. Well done.
7/11/2020 c1 CH
I was in tears the intire time , choose another ending for "The Last one He'd Fall For". Even he is alive and happy in the end, it was too much pain for all of them. And for me. Brilliant writing as always, characters on point. Loved it
7/11/2020 c1 Chazidasity
LOVE this is a great story!
7/10/2020 c1 Bkworm4life4
Loved the story, definitely needed a tissue warning, lol. I do have questions though, does everyone find out the truth and what is their reaction? Does he find out about his namesake?
7/10/2020 c1 11countrygirluk56
Oh my that was exceptional. I was stunned when Callen was 'killed'. How could you? I thought. But the heartbreaking conversation between the team of Callen had meant to them drew me in, gave me a little comfort that he had done what he'd always done - protect the innocent (Kensi & Deeks' unborn child) and was there for his family. They were all heartbroken, especially Hetty and then she had a conversation with him - we all know she has a tendency to speak to her dead children. She put all her matters in order, made sure Callen's enemy was destroyed and left the life as Ops Manager. What a way to find out her boy was not only alive but living with her god-daughter with a family of their own. Absolute perfection, my friend :-)
7/9/2020 c1 28knirbenrots
Oh, what a great one-shot. I love it. Couldn't think you really were 'kllling' our hero.
Thank you!
7/9/2020 c1 1altarp2408
Really really good job
7/9/2020 c1 JeaneneP
Wow! Amazing! I so enjoyed this! Took a while to clear the wetness from my eyes, and then the confusion which made me read further faster! Really amazing!

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