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7/20 c4 1delmartian
Yeah, Paul probably did hear Ben’s full name along with everyone else in the rink, but in the excitement right afterwards it may not have registered. Middle and even high schoolers aren’t all that good at situational awareness. Ben certainly wasn’t introducing kids to the adults, his mind was pretty focused on how messed up he was, and I figured his parents would tell the kids to call them Sandy and Carl, no last name. Thanks for the review!
7/16 c4 The One Who Reads Too Much
re-reading this and realized that if Paul was at the ice rink then he would have heard Ben's full name, and someone would have been calling the parents by their last name, maybe even introducing Paul to them by name.
6/27 c24 EternalWisdom
Excellent chapter.
6/12 c24 The One Who Reads Too Much
Yeah, that definitely expands the original in a well done way.
5/25 c23 3Pick your Poison RWBY or MHA
The fact you didn't call this story littler moments makes my disappointment immeasurable and my day ruined. Great story though, enjoy reading it quite a bit.
5/19 c17 EternalWisdom
And the cutesy back and forth continues. And I am all for it!

5/19 c16 EternalWisdom
SHIPPING TIME! Things are really moving up, huh?

Oh, how I fear the day where their parents catch them mid-adorableness.
5/18 c15 EternalWisdom
Great chapter. Goof fluffyness.
4/13 c22 The One Who Reads Too Much
Pewdiepie had me ready for that rick roll.
4/10 c13 EternalWisdom
Michelle is spitting FACTS!

Best Wing Woman ever of all time!

She is LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!



4/10 c12 EternalWisdom
Great chapter, cool stuff. Lots of fluff and fun with music.

This does put a smile on my face.

Nice job. You magnificent writer, you.
4/10 c11 EternalWisdom
Good. Goooood. Let the preparations for fluff commence!
3/16 c1 38Car45
A great start to the story.
3/10 c9 EternalWisdom
3/10 c8 EternalWisdom
Ah, got me right in the feels.
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