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for Sinner

9/21/2020 c6 KingZeRoPL
I like how you described raynare, shes at least not in a full psycho mode yet and i hope you wont make her a lasting bitch.

MC really hot headed but whatever,

Will you go along with canon? Like will he meet rias and others?

Nice chap
8/19/2020 c5 JustAShadow4
There aren't many fics where they associate with the fallen angels so I appreciate your take so far.
7/31/2020 c5 Dased22
Pretty cool chapter, though the guy just dropping a quarter of a million to buy out the church is pretty shady. Can't wait to see who the plus one is.
7/30/2020 c5 KingZeRoPL
That was a nice and a funny one
7/24/2020 c4 KingZeRoPL
If his power is based on his emotional state and the stronger the feeling tbe stronger the power he should get? If yes then its pretty decent, after all if influence of emotions will come during a battle you will lose certain part of rationality, its a good thing and a bad thing, even worse when he will lose all of his rationality durning the fight and start fighting like animal. He will get power yes but lose strategic way of fighting it will be even worse if enemy will know how to fight against beasts.

I dont really know how will you develop him but you said that in interesting, unique way so im rooting for this.

I would like to see him continue his school either on Italy or just public Libarary. Dont even know if they have these after all not evey library is for public use.

It would be hillarious to see THE SINNER as a exorcist or a battle monk/priest

Sorry for bad grammar and stuff but im currently on phone in car and i cant really bother myself with fixing stuff xD
7/20/2020 c3 KingZeRoPL
Ok after reading these 3 chapters that you have written already i decided to give it a chance.

I read hundreds of HxH ffs be it one shots or actuall stories and majority of them lacked originality. I like how you started your story even thought i really dont like how you mishap MC sometimes hes a pussy but then yell at higher being than him right after that he is pansy agains the HUMAN bully but gather enough courage. You have a lot of work to do if you dont want your MC be a mishap of few personalities which are against each other.

Next is his power, i like the tittle the description and i have a high hopes he will become the true SINNER as your title of the story. Hes already starting to feel the first of the seven great sins, but im rooting how will you do with Lust and wrath and pride. Remember that gluttony is not always about food and drinks, greed is not always about money and riches and lust is not always about a body, sex.

There was nice saying of these Sins. I forgot how all of this goes but i remember a part of it "Im a sin of envy because anything that someone posses will be soon mine, im a sin of a greed because everything in this world belongs to me, im a sin of lust because im lusting for a power above powers and riches above riches, im a sin of gluttony because everything i posses all riches, powers and women are still not enough" i dont remember the finaƂ part and the original version from Chinese novel but i wrote a very simple version of this.

Hope he will become depraved but still caring, powerfull but notallpowerfull, and above everything a developed Harem because of the anime you are writing about xD.

Will wait about your thoughts to this review and i would like to see where will you go with his personality
7/20/2020 c2 KingZeRoPL
Well thats original
7/20/2020 c1 KingZeRoPL
So MCis a weakling? Or rather pushover in school? Or everywhere. Hes like a mouse which is cornered by a cat when he struggled against this monster, even a cornered mouse can bite.
7/15/2020 c2 Dased22
Interesting start to the story, no idea what's going on with James and the tattoo

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