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8/12 c2 Don quichotte
This story is just so great! I don’t have the words to explain, I love Maura’s character. I always get excited when yo update...
8/5 c2 Quenn J
You are extremely talented
7/31 c2 Born reader
Awesome! Love this world. Thanks
8/2 c2 Mezz64
Really enjoyed both these chapters and really hope your not going to leave it just unfinishef. Please update.
Kudos from UK
7/24 c2 Rainbow
More ;) x
7/22 c2 L2GQ
Wow what a great start to an amazing adventure. Love how Constance is accepting and encouraging our ladies being together. You rock!
7/16 c2 lisagayle713
Please, miss, write some more! I cannot wait to see what happens!
7/16 c2 Guest
I liked how how explained Constance's actions as trying to smooth the way for Jane into that lifestyle. Also how Maura is willing to take the heat of the press to spare Jane, but that she's actually going to tell her about it all instead of acting like it's a friend thing and Jane being surprised, or not telling her anything and just taking the hounding from not attending at all. Honestly that surprised me but in a really good way.
7/15 c2 Rjjmn
I am starting to enjoy this story very much. It's a very clever way for them to actually reveal their feelings for each other. And it will be real entertaining to see how Jane interacts with everyone at the Gala, especially Mr and Mrs Isles. Can't wait to read more.
7/15 c2 Guest
I love your story. I look forward to reading additional chapters.
7/16 c2 Louise Hess
Enjoying this story - - hopefully, Chapter 3 will be up soon .. thanks again
7/16 c2 Tingtorn78
I’m hoping Maura will talk to Jane about the Gala and what it entails. I love the protective side of Jane. I’m looking forward to the next update. I’m eager to find out about what Constance has Jane wearing and Jane’s reaction the the whole Gala thing
7/15 c2 IsaBabisa
Good development, but it makes me want more right now! Lol. I think this will be very cute and probably very sweet. Which is just how i like my Rizzles. Thanks!
7/15 c1 IsaBabisa
Very cute! Great start, can't wait for more. Will be fun to see where you take this. Thanks!
7/14 c2 sally rally
Poor Maura. Have faith in Jane. I do understand though. Thank you and hurry back. I've been waiting for this.
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