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6/8 c1 13OfficerDonNZ
Serves the whiskered wanker right.
5/24 c1 Jim
hehe fair is fair i suppose, but should not Harry of gotten something from the Headmaster in return?
1/4 c1 110Right What Is Wrong

I can't say it isn't deserved, but good gad.

I agree with the reviewer who said it probably escalated past canon levels because the Dursleys were so frustrated that their abuse didn't seem to be inflicting *any* harm... wish it had bounced onto *them* rather than (or including) Dumbledore, though. Let *all* punishments fit the crime.
12/19/2020 c1 Kyr
Thank you for sharing.
11/12/2020 c1 lipasnape
Yes- Vernon must have been irritated no end.
11/8/2020 c1 Fallow57

x Kudos x : )
10/15/2020 c1 erik
A cracking good interweaving of the stories.
10/5/2020 c1 Cateagle
A punning part of me wants to make it Black family magic so that he might be Dorian Black (blood adoption by Sirius, perhaps?)
9/13/2020 c1 Guest
Albus will probably be pretty pissed off once he figures out just what the Dursley's ended up causing him.

Though I wonder where the protections will redirect things if Albus ends up getting offed from it being too severe? Or old age.
8/1/2020 c1 3VashonBeader
Oooohhhh So deserved!

7/29/2020 c1 5gphoenix51
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving MOB.
7/24/2020 c1 RainyDayReader
This is excellent! I can see Vernon going into a rage when the injuries have magically healed - at least, that was my interpretation of the twice daily timing of new injuries. Now I am wondering if Flitwick will share his insight. If not, Dumbledore might not live to regret the situations Harry faces. LOL
7/12/2020 c1 2shadewatcher
Serves Dumbles right for ignoring a child's suffering!
7/10/2020 c1 Ratus
Yea! I do hope for follow up chapters to this story :)
7/10/2020 c1 puma1sunfire
Now that's some damn Newton worth cause and effect mixed with Magicks. Makes me want to start writing or see if fleshed out because it's one hell of a good idea. Also hell of a good kick to the ass of the idealology of "For the Greater Good".
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